Chief Rabbi of Holland: It’s Normal to be Called a Dirty Jew Nowadays

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
April 14, 2015

Rabbi Benjamin Jacobs
Rabbi Benjamin Jacobs

The chief rabbi of Holland, Rabbi Benjamin Jacobs, has complained that it is not out of the norm for Jews to be called mean names like “dirty Jew” nowadays.

Doesn’t this make you want to shed six million tears?

Jerusalem Post:

“Forty years ago when I came to Holland, it never, ever happened that someone would call me in the street a dirty Jew or curse me because I’m Jewish, visibly Jewish. Today it’s normal,” said Rabbi Benjamin Jacobs, the leader of Holland’s substantial Jewish population, numbering 30,000.

“It happened already to me personally,” the rabbi explained, speaking to the European Jewish Association (EJA). “They [anti-Semites] threw things at my windows.

A car drove into me.

But, thank God, the government is protecting me in a very good and friendly way.”

“Our response should be that we stay visibly Jewish.

Wear a yarmulke on the streets [and] not a baseball cap. Wear a Magen David [or] whatever way one needs to show he is Jewish,” he said.

The response by some Jewish voices has been to take this call one step further.

Rabbi Menachem Margolin of the EJA explained that his organization has launched a campaign “to get as many non-Jews as possible to wear Jewish symbols and show solidarity, and that they are a part of the silent majority that is not anti-Semitic.”

Israel is a great safehaven for Jews who don’t wish to experience such mean name-calling. I encourage Jacobs and his Jewish ilk to migrate to Israel en masse.

It’s either voluntary migration now, or forced migration when we take back our nations.

Take your pick, Jews.