Chicago’s Gun Problem

Modern Heretic
July 10, 2015

  Careerist scumbag wants more negro appeasement.
Careerist scumbag wants more negro appeasement.

The predictable negro failure is always caused by some outside agency. The usual target of blame is Whites. After all, we removed them from the African hell and then spent decades groveling and surrendering to them in a vain hope that the jew communist wouldn’t call us names. Clearly this unprecedented attempt to turn an obviously inferior race into something compatible with a civilized nation via endless spending and preferences is the the reason Barkevious is so violent. You’re causing it, Whitey. But keep spending and begging for kosher penance from imaginary sins, it’s clearly working.

When our enemies get sick of blaming Whites, there’s always inanimate objects. “Dangerous streets” and “bad neighborhoods,” as if the bricks and mortar themselves are somehow poisoning the 70 I.Q. minds in the creatures that walk on them. Let’s not forget guns, which we all know have a magical ability to turn otherwise law-abiding “well-behaved negroes” into criminals. Maybe if we just gave up more rights the negro would start following society’s rules.

Dead schwoogies upset a desert alien.
Dead schwoogies upset a desert alien.


Fireworks took on a second meaning in Chicago this 4th of July weekend.

Jungle monsters celebrate their complete dependence on the suicidal altruism of Whites.

Dozens of people were shot, including a 7-year-old boy who died while celebrating with his family. It was one of many incidents that police Superintendent Garry McCarthy called the result of a broken system.

When naming the obvious problem is “races” and evil you have to twist and contort yourself to try to come up with a semi-plausible explanation that won’t destroy your empty careerism. Clearly accommodating these evolutionary dead-ends to an insane extent is making the child demons shoot each other. If only our magical government and its bag of goodies filled with your tax dollars added another program or just threw away more of your money. It’s bound to work one of these times, have faith in your State Religion.

The city saw a total of 34 shooting incidents this past weekend, the Chicago Police Department told ABC News. There were 48 victims, including 7 murder victims, according to the police.

The content of their character. Pretending these moronic animals are equal to Whites is the flat earth of our time.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was “saddened and sickened” by the weekend’s violence, he said at a news conference Monday on an unrelated topic.

Jew plantation master is all busted up over the loss of some of his brown slaves.

But gun violence in Chicago is nothing new. Last year over the 4th of July weekend, the city had 41 shooting incidents, according to the police. There were 50 victims including 7 murder victims, the police said.

What could be causing this? Riddles wrapped in enigmas, wrapped in jewish lies.

Criminals are not feeling the repercussions of the justice system, McCarthy said.

The “races” justice system fails. We can either fill our prisons with millions of shit-colored pieces of garbage or ignore their failure out of fear of the jew. These are not good solutions. The answer is their removal.

Fuel for a healthy democracy.
Fuel for a healthy democracy.

More felony cases involving guns were thrown out than any other kind of case, the Chicago Reporter said.

Please write a book report on why “busting” is wrong.

On Monday Emanuel reiterated his demands for gun law reform, calling on legislators and adults to fight for change. “You have too many guns on the streets, too many people using those guns, and too little values,” Emanuel said.

If every honest and decent person is completely defenseless that should stop the negro pathology. It’s the guns on the street causing it. It just makes sense. Look at all the gun violence in Switzerland, for example.

From 1991 to 2004, gangs were behind the biggest chunk of killings in Chicago, or one-third of them, according to the Chicago Police Department.

Please remind me again why this walking dog shit hasn’t been put on a boat to Liberia yet?

Gang violence was trailed by armed robberies, which made up less than one-tenth of the killings, the police department said.

“Robberies gone wrong” is the correct term. Please edit accordingly.

On Monday Emanuel scolded the criminals responsible for the weekend shootings for having no morals or conscience.

The American negro: no mind or soul. Fifty years of sacrifices, of passing our possessions and children through the jewish flames to the equality idol, has changed nothing.

“You have gangbangers, without any sense of moral remorse or responsibility, shooting into a playground or shooting into a front yard, as if it’s a personal shooting gallery,” Emanuel said.

“Not unlike in my native Israel where we kill women and children with rocket attacks, but that’s fine because we were chosen by g*d.”