Chicago Teachers Still Refusing to Work, Even After Being Directly Ordered to Go to Work

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Public school teachers are, like all government employees, utter scum of the earth.

Repulsive parasites.

It really doesn’t help that the media has promoted them as “heroes” on par with TikTok dancing nurses.


The Chicago Teachers Union said Sunday that its members voted to defy an order to return to the classroom over concerns about COVID-19, setting up a showdown with district officials who have said that refusing to return when ordered would amount to an illegal strike.

Chicago Public Schools, which is the nation’s third-largest district, wanted roughly 10,000 kindergarten through eighth grade teachers and other staffers to return to school Monday to get ready to welcome back roughly 70,000 students for part-time in-school classes starting Feb. 1. No return date has been set for high school students.

The teachers union, though, opposes the plan over concern for the health of its members and called on them to continue teaching from home in defiance of the district’s plan. The union said the district’s safety plan falls short and that before teachers can return safely to schools, vaccinations would have to be more widespread and different metrics to measure infections would need to be in place.

“There’s no doubt we all want to return to in-person instruction. The issue is CPS’ current unpreparedness for a return to in-person instruction, and the clear and present danger that poses to the health of our families and school communities,” the union said in a statement.

You guys remember that Alice Cooper song?

Well, neither do I – jeez, I’m not that old you guys.

But I do know a lot of old music.

Alice Cooper has a song called “School’s Out for Summer” where he actually keeps saying “School’s out forever” and “my school’s been blown to pieces.”

I think it was some kind of anthem encouraging boomers to drop out of school or blow up their school. Which is sort of hilariously edgy for the 1970s.

Anyway – I keep picturing these teachers, as they plan their actions to somehow stop working and continue getting paid forever, as playing this song on repeat in the background of their Zoom strategy meetings.

Just listen to that and then imagine that woman in the header image blasting that song. You might chuckle.

By the way, Alice Cooper became a Christian and started helping other musicians get off drugs and find Jesus. It’s a touching story. I’m sure there are documentaries about it on YouTube. Or maybe they were banned because he says the word “Jesus.”


I found a clip.

He says his father was a preacher, which just proves my stated theory that 95% of people are going to end up following the same political beliefs as their parents, after a rebellious stage (if some of your parents are shitlibs, don’t worry – there is a 5% that stay, but most of them are just going through a phase, as turned out to be the case with most of the “former liberal” Alt-Right, who ended up endorsing some kind of third-worldist communism).

I couldn’t find a full documentary about Cooper’s journey. But there I know there is one somewhere, if it wasn’t banned. The banning of Christian content has been going on in the background for a long time, but it’s really ramping up now.