Chicago Sun-Times Does Away with Comments Completely, Citing “Racism”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 14, 2014

It's over.
It’s over.

Well, well, well.  The Chicago Sun-Times, in what is sure to be a trend, has decided to cut out the option to comment on articles completely, citing “racism” and “hate speech.”

Managing editor Craig Newman writes:

To our readers,

Starting this weekend, the Chicago Sun-Times and the other titles in the Sun-Times Media group will temporarily cease to run comments with our articles.

The world of Internet commenting offers a marvelous opportunity for discussion and the exchange of ideas. But as anyone who has ever ventured into a comment thread can attest, these forums too often turn into a morass of negativity, racism, hate speech and general trollish behaviors that detract from the content.

Clearly, this means we are winning.

Myself and others have actively encouraged those who wish to become active on the internet to post comments on mainstream news sites, and over the past year, it has become impossible to read any comments section on any mainstream news website on articles dealing with black crime or Jewish subversion and not find the comments section flooded with truth-telling.

Attempts at silencing us are a last gasp. They would much rather simply make us look foolish or insane, but this has stopped working, due in part to the pitch our voice has reached on the internet, with Antisemitic propaganda having spread out to cover the web in the same way that the semites themselves have spread out and covered the globe.

The Chicago Sun-Times could not take the heat, so they have dipped out. It is an admission of abject failure at controlling their own narrative.

Last year, Huffington Post became the first big site to completely remove comments in order to cover up for the Jews.

More countries are being pressured to adopt “hate speech” laws to silence critics of multiculturalism, black rapists and Jewish control of everything, but all this really does is draw attention to the critics and give them more credibility.

Tonight, I shall raise a glass to the Chicago Sun-Times and to the racists of the internet who have taken them down.

It is important to celebrate small victories, lest we become disheartened.