Chicago Politician Tells the Mayor the Feds Have to be Called In

This bitch looks like a Jim Henson puppet gone wrong.

It is totally impossible to imagine what people think is going to happen to this country in the long run.

Right now, we have completely out of control riots. This is under a Republican president, while we still have a police force.

If we have a Democrat president and no police force, what do these people think this is going to look like?

New York Post:

If “unprepared” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot can’t get crime under control, the feds must be called in to help, a Windy City politician is urging in the aftermath of a chaotic night of riots and looting.

Brian Hopkins, an alderman who represents parts of the downtown area, blasted Lightfoot in a statement to CWBChicago Monday night.

“Our city was devastated by widespread looting and rioting for which our mayor seemed totally unprepared,” he said.

He also accused Lightfoot of offering “nothing but rhetoric and blame,” just like she did after similar riots in May.

He demanded she come up with a “safety plan that will protect all neighborhoods and small business owners.”

Anything short of that and “I am strongly in favor of asking for federal assistance,” Hopkins said.

“Our city cannot afford even one more night of rampant and uncontrolled criminal activity,” he said. “This has to stop. And it has to stop now.”

Can’t take one more night, he says.

Well, you’d better buckle-up, buddy – because you’re about to be on a ride that never ends.

Lightfoot has disavowed calls for the feds to come in.

She also says they don’t need the National Guard.

I would say don’t bother with the feds. They mean well, but the only thing they will do is fight people on the street. They aren’t allowed to charge anyone with anything, so they just fight.

We’ve seen it in Portland.

Federal officers need the Attorney General of the United States if they want to charge anyone with a crime, and William Barr has made it abundantly clear he has zero interest in charging anyone with anything.

He will go on TV and talk about how he thinks the riots are really bad, but he won’t charge anyone with anything.

If there are no consequences for rioting, they will just keep doing it.

This guy gets it.

But let’s be real here: Democrats want this to keep going, because they think it will hurt Trump in the election.

So ain’t nobody gonna do nothing.

If Biden gets elected, it won’t end there either, it will just become laser focused, targeting middle and working class white people for punishment.

Good luck, Chicago.

It’s going to be a long haul.