Chicago Police Issue Vote of No Confidence in Lori Lightfoot

Some cops were expected to push back against the anti-cop agenda.

But they aren’t going to do anything.

New York Post:

Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police issued a vote of no-confidence in Mayor Lori Lightfoot Wednesday, citing poor work conditions and the cancellation of a march for fallen officers due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The vote by the police union, as well as police Superintendent David Brown and First Deputy Eric Carter, was unanimous among as many as 200 active and retired rank-and-file officers, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Reasons cited for the move reportedly include officer burnout and the department’s decision to cancel off days for cops on several occasions — as well as a move from 8 ½-hour shifts to 12-hour work periods in preparation for possible unrest in the city.

The symbolic action also followed the second consecutive year that the Chicago Police Department canceled its annual St. Jude Memorial March for the city’s fallen cops while citing the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The basis for this no-confidence vote is pretty simple, it’s two-fold,” FOP President John Catanzara said in a video statement. “It’s a lack of respect for the Gold Star families and the cancellation of the St. Jude parade.”

All they’re trying to do is get Lightfoot to resign, which is a noble goal, but not really a very important one.

Lightfoot would be replaced by another Democrat, and anti-police policies are not the official policy of the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party wants to replace the police in every city with some kind of federal law enforcement body.

If the police had any sense at all, they would go on strike. Even now, if police went on strike, the murder rate would go up ten times in a matter of days, and white people’s doors would be getting kicked in. The police could get any Democrat Mayor or Governor to resign in any city, anywhere – and they could probably prevent any Democrat from getting elected.

If people tasted the hell that is coming when there are literally no more cops, even the most Affluent, Liberal, White Female would vote Republican. They would vote in such extreme numbers, that there would be no way for any Democrats to commit fraud. The only place any Democrat could maintain power would be in places that are overwhelmingly white, like Vermont.

The police could literally save America by going on a national strike.

But the cops won’t do that.

Instead, they will just whine.