Chicago: Police Issue Bulletin Warning Officers That the City is a Warzone

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 9, 2017

That goofy toadman Spike Lee tried to meme “Chiraq” to refer to the violent nature of present day 35% black, 30% Latino Chicago.

But “Chicongo” is much more accurate.

Quick lesson in memetics here:

  • Comparing it to Iraq implies a white invasion of a non-white territory causes violent conflict.
  • Comparing it to the Congo implies that a bunch of black people living in an area is naturally going to mean the area is violent.

“Chicongo” is the truer meme, and thus it is the meme that has won out, despite the multimillion dollar effort by Hymiewood.

Force-meming has never and will never work.


Chicago police issued a bulletin Monday warning its officers about gangs armed with high-powered weapons, after three people were shot to death over the weekend – including two attending a memorial for the earlier victim.

Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the three people who were killed in the shootings Sunday were all members of the same street gang.

A shooting early in the day left one man dead, and the two others were killed and eight people were injured in a spray of more than two dozen shots from two guns while attending a makeshift memorial for him. Police suspect they were all shot by members of a rival street gang in the same neighborhood on Chicago’s southwest side.

The department beefed up patrols after the morning shooting of 26-year-old Daniel Cordova, who was found dead between parked cars in the Brighton Park neighborhood. The other shooting happened some 12 hours later, about a block away.

Given the very real possibility that the gang war has not played itself out, the department has saturated the same area with officers and tactical teams, Guglielmi said. It also has issued a warning about gunmen with weapons powerful enough to pierce bullet-proof vests.

“Given the type of shootings and the incident last week (in which two offers suffered gunshot wounds about two miles away) we have put out an officer safety bulletin,” said Guglielmi.

Guglielmi said the incident in which two officers were shot while sitting in a car does not appear to be connected to the bloody gang feud that erupted Sunday. Combined, however, they are the latest examples of what they have seen as a greater willingness of arm themselves with weapons most associated with soldiers in battle.

What we are running is a zoo.

We are babysitting wild animals.

And there is absolutely no benefit to it for us.

Despite earlier reports, it turns out these monkeys do not “enrich your culture.”

The colored population of this country is an extreme burden on us.

Somehow, though we are wasting Lord knows how many billions trying to force these animals to behave like humans, then sending in militaries to protect them from each other, we are somehow demonized as the bad guys.

The situation is absurd.

These people are not our responsibility. All of this talk about how we owe them something is absolute nonsense, which no one even tries to explain.

This is all based on the white guilt religion. There is no logic or reason involved.

The logical, reasonable thing would be for us to pay the blacks to go back to Africa. The Mexicans can just leave.

We don’t deserve any of this.

And the only thing that we “Neo-Nazi White Supremacists” are asking for is to be left the hell alone.

That is literally our only demand.