Chicago: National Revolutionaries Demonstrate Against BLM Kidnapping!

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 10, 2017

On January 8th, 2017, 30 representatives from the Traditionalist Worker Party, National Socialist Movement, Soldiers of Odin and The Right Stuff defied the freezing temperatures on short notice to converge in front of Chicago’s City Hall and express rage at Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s purposely negligent Jewish regime

They also delivered a message to the local population: the days of white people being easy targets are OVER!

The soaring crime rate of Chicago, where 71% of murderers are black, came to a symbolic crescendo with the South African style kidnapping and torture of a young disabled white man by blacks. While the attackers in question were being interrogated over a noise complaint, the young man was able to escape, but make no mistake that they would’ve murdered him were it not for this stroke of luck.

Chicago, like most other American industrial centers, is a canary in the coal mine of what is coming for the rest of America as the white population continues to decline.

This demonstration is an example of the substantial and unprecedented progress patriotic forces in the United States are making in transitioning a massive internet activist bloc to a street-based protest movement. The people on the internet are important because they tap their enormous networks to inform the public, thus placing enormous amounts of pressure on Jews to begrudgingly cover hate crimes against whites, while men on the street are needed in order to provide physical defense for decent white working families – who in today’s America are often atomized in their cities and abandoned by their government – hence, vulnerable to predation.

The group of dedicated fighters in attendance was composed of mostly young men, bolstered by the leadership and wisdom provided by veterans. Contrary to popular belief, it is the Left that is increasingly soft and gray, while our organizations are swelling with the vigor that serves as the driving force of every monumental historic shift.

This new template of direct white action against both systematic and street injustices is here to stay. We’ve got the brains and the brawn, and our foes constantly denigrating and even attacking us as a class for our race can expect whites to start barking back.

The message to take from this event is clear: members of our folk who are victimized or castaway can soon start counting on us to push back on their behalf.

Unity and reason, thought and praxis: social and national resurgence.


Here’s to the new awakening:

Hail Victory!