Chicago: Murders Down 15%! Only 650 Murders in 2017!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 2, 2018

Barack Obama is ungrateful.

This is a pretty significant drop. YUGE, in fact.

USA Today:

The nation’s third-largest city ended 2017 with 650 murders, about 15% fewer homicides than a year earlier but still an unusually high number of killings during a period when other big cities have seen a reduction in violence, according to police data released Monday.

While there was a significant drop in gun violence in the city in 2017 compared to the year prior, Chicago topped the 600 mark for the second straight year and continues to see a level of violence that was typical of the late 1980s and 1990s when many major metros were dealing with the scourge of gang-fueled drug violence.

For the second straight year, Chicago also tallied more murders than New York City and Los Angeles combined. In fact, New York’s murder rate fell to the lowest the Big Apple has seen since the 1950s.

The number of shooting incidents in Chicago dropped from 3,550 to 2,785 for the same period. Police say they bulk of the violence is gang-related.

The murder rate in Chicago rose drastically during Obama’s second term when he began attacking the cops, rising from 432 in 2014 to 762 in 2016.

So obviously, the slight downturn is due to Trump taking over – even though he hasn’t been able to directly influence the city in anyway, due to being cockblocked by the Israeli Mayor.

This probably relates to the cops being less afraid of being prosecuted and condemned as murderers by the President.

But I think it also relates to just not having Obama around. During those last years, he was purposefully and aggressively inciting his kinsmen to commit acts of violence.