Chicago: Half of Public School Teachers Refuse to Return to Work

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NBC Chicago:

Just over half of all teachers ordered to report to Chicago Public Schools on Monday did not show up to prepare for in-person instruction as the district rolls out its reopening plan, CPS says.

Should teachers and staff continue to not report to schools as expected, the district may begin a progressive discipline policy that could lead to their firing, CPS’ CEO indicated Tuesday.

A total of 60.2% of all school-based staff required to return reported to work Monday, CPS CEO Dr. Janice Jackson said during a news conference Tuesday. That included 49.7% of all teachers and 70% of all paraprofessionals, she said.

Jackson said that the 60% figure was “significant, considering the fact that they were pressured” not to return by the Chicago Teachers Union, which has repeatedly expressed safety concerns over the district’s plan to return to classrooms as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Jackson noted that approximately 83% of employees were present on the first two days after winter break in early 2020, which she said was the district’s typical attendance expectation.

“We have sent notices to staff who did not return to ensure that our expectations are clear. And we are optimistic that more staff will report to work in the coming days,” Jackson said. “If staff choose not to attend and support the students who are relying on them, we will handle those on a school-by-school and case-by-case basis.”

We reported on one of the top bitches in Chicago protesting the school openings doing so from a beach vacation spot.

This is just the sort of thing that women do when you allow them to participate in society.

So if you want to allow women to participate in society, then this is just the sort of thing you’re going to have to accept.

Personally, I don’t think women should be allowed to participate in public society, at all, as a matter of very strict course.