Chicago: Gross and Extreme Riots Against Christopher Columbus Statue

There currently exists no defense against the attacks on these statues, because it has been accepted by the right that “racism” is just as evil as the left says it is.

If you accept the basic premise that racism exists at all, that it is evil, that it must be stamped out, that any measures are acceptable to fight it – how can you possibly defend any white male?

Because of the ideological nature of conservatism, and the acceptance of the premise that all decisions must be run through ideologies before being acted upon, there are no arguments that can be made in defense of our culture and history.

Within conservative ideology, it can never be said, “it doesn’t matter if he’s racist, we don’t even know what that means anyway – the statue is not coming down, we will fight tooth and nail to protect it.”

That kind of straightforward defense fails the test of ideology, because ideology requires that you fit everything you do or say into a larger lattice of strictly defined principles.

Instead, these people go out there and say, “oh well, maybe he wasn’t racist, or maybe the good things he did made up for his racism, or…”

And so on.

We always lose if that is our starting position.

So we’re just waiting around for these statues to be torn down. These fights are just a disgusting ritual.

Fox News:

A protest near the Christopher Columbus statue in Chicago’s Grant Park turned violent Friday night, as the crowd started hurling objects at police officers who were guarding the statue, according to reports.

As conditions worsened, dozens of police officers arrived from across the city, FOX 32 of Chicago reported.

A total of 18 police officers were injured at the scene, the report said. Some required treatment at hospitals.

At least a dozen rioters were taken into custody, FOX 32 reported.

At least four civilians were taken to hospitals but their medical conditions were unknown, Chicago’s WGN-TV reported.

One injured woman was seen with a bandaged head, being prepared for transport to a hospital, WBBM’s Charlie De Mar reported.

The protest began at the park’s Buckingham Fountain, then the crowd moved to the Columbus statue, with some members throwing a rope around it – in an apparent attempt to topple it, the Chicago Tribune and WGN reported.

Rioters were heard chanting, “Columbus was a murderer! Columbus was a thief!” the newspaper reported.

Just so you understand:

Conservatives have accepted that colonialism and slavery were wrong. They have not accepted them as wrong purely in terms of morality, but also in terms of an ideological system.

Ideological systems are necessarily utopian, and there is no room for nuance or internal conflict in the quest for a utopia.

So you cannot defend a colonist or slave owner from the position of the ideology.

Donald Trump was always appealing because he didn’t follow an ideology and would just say random things. So, he is about the only person in the entirety of conservatism who has an ability to fight back against this. However, he’s really not doing a very good job of it.