Chicago: Gang Members Not Charged for Murder – “Mutual Combat”

This is actually pretty awesome news.

In Chicago, you can no longer be charged for murder if it’s established that you were having a duel.

The black lesbian Chicago mayor (white wife), Lori Lightfoot, complained about not charging these gang members.

But then the prosecutor, Kim Foxx, was like “uh-uh – oh no she de-ent.”

Kim Foxx’s entire thing is just “black people can do whatever they want.”

She’s the same one who refused to prosecute Jussie Smollett for faking that MAGA attack on himself. She’s a George Soros appointee.

It’s obviously not about “saving black lives,” because she defends gangland killings. It’s just about this: “y’all white folk best be get up out dey bidness, okay?”

The whole thing of it not being the police’s business if blacks want to kill each other is a pretty hardline part of black culture. If you get shot and don’t die, and the police show up at the hospital, you’re never supposed to say who shot you – even if he’s your worst enemy.

That kind of thing is being institutionalized now.

If “mutual combat” is a reason not to charge someone over a shooting, then that is definitely not going to reduce the instances of black gang activity.

Did you see this video of what the streets of Chicago look like these days, from that black guy who goes around filming hoods?

Here’s an extended clip.

Watch Charlie Bo’s channel.

Blacks are nuts. They’re stupid, and they’re like children, and they just love killing each other. And they’re not like, good at violence. They just like to get guns and shoot them at each other, apparently for more or less no reason than that it’s exciting. They don’t even care about having their face on camera and flashing guns – they literally flash guns and then shout out their social media links. It’s nuts.

Of course, Kim Foxx’s policy not actually about black people being allowed to govern themselves according to their own traditional African customs of consensual mutual combat. It’s about creating chaos in white society, and creating a situation where blacks are allowed to attack you – whitey.

Kim Foxx is not a serious player in this game. It’s part of something much bigger than her. Ask her if she knows why George Soros gave her all that money, and she would probably say something like “he is be support for da communinnies.”

All law enforcement resources are being transferred from actual crimes into thought crimes and emotional crimes by white people.

The government is creating a hell on earth where you are going to be caught between a brutal government hunting you for politically incorrect comments you made, while blacks are hunting you for sport.

It’s almost like Jews are just completely destroying our entire society on purpose, but don’t say that – stating the obvious is officially domestic terrorism.