Chicago: Brutal Plantation Owner Whips Black Slaves with Mean Words

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 10, 2017

It was another glorious day in the multiracial utopia of downtown Chicago. White pigeons and brown pigeons sung together as one, White men and Black men ambled down the historic boulevards in peace, and the scent of tolerance permeated the dry, summer air.

Unfortunately, the racial harmony was short-lived.

A brutal Mississippi plantation owner named William Boucher, who occasionally visited the cities of the North in search of “the perfect coffee” with which to scald his disobedient Black slaves, strolled into the city on a jewel-encrusted cart pulled by nine well-bred Negroes.

After parking his cart downtown and handing his cat o’ nine tails to his blonde-haired mistress, the young slavemaster headed to the local Starbucks. He had heard that the baristas of this particular Starbucks, who were undercover Klansmen, specialized in coffee that “penetrated the hide of even the toughest darkie” – and he wanted to get a large supply of it.

Sadly, Boucher underestimated the uppityness of Chicagoan Blacks. These emancipated coons forgot their places decades ago, and don’t like receiving abuse from their racial superiors.


A Chicago man was charged this week with misdemeanor battery after an apparent racially charged altercation caught on video.

Video of part of the incident shows a white man spitting at a black man, telling him his children are “disposable vermin” and calling a second black man a slave.

The incident started, police say, when William Boucher, a 23-year-old white man wearing a light-colored suit, became angry when someone spilled a beverage on him shortly after 2:30 p.m. Tuesday at a Starbucks on West Lake Street.

The situation spilled onto the sidewalk, where Boucher spat on a man, 30, and woman, 34, police said.

Boucher also punched a 59-year-old man unprovoked, authorities said.

The older man was taken to a hospital with an eye injury, CNN affiliate WLS-TV reported.

Boucher has been charged with three counts of misdemeanor battery. He is scheduled to appear in court July 5.

Unsurprisingly, the nattily-dressed Southerner was disgusted with his treatment by the police.

Just what sort of nigger-loving city was this?

Outside the store, Boucher walked up to an unidentified black man who, in addition to the WLS photographer, was videotaping the incident. Two bystanders stepped in between the men, according to video.

“Your children are disposable vermin,” Boucher said to the unidentified black man before walking away.

“Shut up, slave. Do not talk to me,” Boucher said to a second unidentified black man who approached him, the video shows.

“Get on all fours right now. … Do not walk off on two legs,” Boucher said to the unidentified black man.

According to a Daily Stormer inside source, Boucher is in contact with a powerful, well-connected White Supremacist who owns a thriving neo-Nazi compound in the heart of the Northwest Front. This enigmatic man, who is simply known by the initials “BG,” has promised Boucher “the finest legal representation that goy shekels can buy.”

“BG” is also believed to have ordered the swift lynching of all the “race-traitors” that sided with the “untapped farm equipment,” which has triggered a police lockdown in the Chicago Loop.