Chicago: Black Mother Shot Dead in Exact Spot Where Her Son was Shot Dead Days Earlier

One of the amazing things about democracy is that everyone gets shot. Especially black people.

Those rascals just love killing one another, and that is why whites designed Chicago and turned it over to them – whites wanted to give blacks a wonderful and beautiful city for them to shoot each other in.

New York Post:

A mother-of-six was gunned down in Chicago in the exact spot where her 14-year-old son was shot dead just three days earlier.

Delisa Tucker, 31, was fatally shot in the chest Wednesday morning while visiting a memorial set up for her son, Kevin Tinker, near their home in the city’s Roseland neighborhood.

Tucker had been lighting candles for her slain son after he was killed in a shooting on Sunday evening, family told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Delisa Tucker’s 14-year-old son Kevin Tinker was also shot and killed in the Roseland neighborhood.

Her son was pronounced dead at the scene three days prior after he was struck multiple times by gunfire.

The neighborhood where the mother and son were killed has had at least 26 fatal shootings this year alone.

You might not like it, but this is what peak socialist utopia looks like.