Chicago: 67-Year-Old Neighbor Kills Entire Family for Some Reason (Spoiler: Because He’s Black)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 14, 2019

Imagine if white people ever acted like this.

The blacks are just simply ridiculous.

We cannot be expected to babysit these people and deal with their weird, anti-social behaviors forever.

New York Post:

A retired construction worker shot five neighbors in his Chicago apartment building Saturday — killing four while they were sitting at the dinner table, according to new reports.

Police said the 67-year-old gunman, who has not been identified, walked into a neighbor’s apartment on West Irving Park Road in Northwest Side and opened fire, killing all four people, WGN-TV reported.

“When he walked into that neighbor’s apartment, there were four people at the table eating dinner,” First Deputy Superintendent Anthony Riccio told the station. “For reasons we don’t yet know, he opened fire and killed them.”

He then went upstairs and shot a woman — who was later listed in critical condition at a local hospital.

Chicago’s nappy ass hoe mayor wants you to think this is shocking to her.

Bitch we know you black, you ain’t shocked by no quadruple family murder.

We know how y’all people do y’all’s business in the hood.