Chicaga: Them Niggas is Been Done Wilen Out Der

Yall been is know how dem niggas out in Chicaga be is do.

NBC News:

One Chicago police officer was killed and another fighting for their life after being shot during a traffic stop on Saturday night, officials said.

Chicago Police Department 1st Dep. Supt. Eric Carter told a news conference that two suspects were in custody after the incident.

He said that the officers were fired upon while conducting a traffic stop and returned fire.

It was not immediately clear what precipitated the incident.

The violence took place in the city’s West Englewood community, NBC Chicago reported.

It’s truly shocking that black people would murder a cop at a traffic stop.

I thought that blacks were the real victims of the whole earth?

Now they’re hunting down our brave officers, who only want to enforce vaccines, promote gay anal ramming/rimming, and fight white supremacy?

Are these blacks now killing in the name of vaginal sex, white supremacy, and anti-vaxx?

If they didn’t have those views, then why on earth would they be killing Chicago cops?