Chew This Experimental Chewing Gum to Stop the Virus

Vaccines are not enough.

You have to take boosters every three months, wear masks forever, take pills, and chew this gum.

We can’t lose one life.


The following is a summary of some recent studies on COVID-19. They include research that warrants further study to corroborate the findings and that has yet to be certified by peer review. 

Experimental chewing gum reduces virus in saliva

An experimental chewing gum containing a protein that “traps” coronavirus particles could limit the amount of virus in saliva and help curb transmission when infected people are talking, breathing or coughing, researchers believe. The gum contains copies of the ACE2 protein found on cell surfaces, which the virus uses as a gateway to break into cells and infect them. In test-tube experiments using saliva and swab samples from infected individuals, virus particles attached themselves to the ACE2 “receptors” in the chewing gum. As a result, the viral load in the samples fell by more than 95%, the research team from the University of Pennsylvania reported in Molecular Therapy. The gum feels and tastes like conventional chewing gum, can be stored for years at normal temperatures, and chewing it does not damage the ACE2 protein molecules, the researchers said. Using gum to reduce viral loads in saliva , they suggest, would add to the benefit of vaccines and would be particularly useful in countries where vaccines are not yet available or affordable. 

Chewing this gum is not enough.

You have to get a booster shot every three days and wear a face shield.

This virus is out of control. It’s a pandemic. We have to save lives.

We can’t even lose one life of a 95-year-old who has cancer.

You have to constantly chew this gum and get a booster shot every three hours.

This is about saving lives.

We have to torture puppies.

We’re going to genetically engineer your food to have vaccines in it so you eat vaccines every meal.

No one can ever die again ever.