Chet Hanks Lashes Out Against the Cancer Killing White Boy Summer

Just watch the video. It’s less than a minute long.

Chet Hanks is the inventor of “white boy summer,” a neo-Nazi dogwhistle. He covers his tracks by trafficking in negro women. He beats them into submission with his dick, as if it was a slaver’s whip.

He’s now become the embodiment of memes about him. He first embodied memes about his father, Tom Hanks, being an illuminati agent by getting an illuminati pyramid tattooed on his chest.

Now he’s chest-deep in right-wing memes about white supremacy and vaccine refusal, and he’s rolling with it.

The man is a king.

I would support his run for president or Supreme Warlord of the Inner Territories.

Hopefully, he’s enjoying this enough to keep on rolling with it, as it could certainly get a lot more hilarious than it already is – rapidly.