Chessmaster Trump Endorses Kolob Mitt

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 20, 2018

Trump made a strategic move during the transition by baiting Kolob Mitt with a potential cabinet position, thus getting Kolob Mitt to say all of these nice things about him, recanting all the nasty crap he said during the campaign (when he had effectively endorsed Hillary).

So now that Kolob Mitt has thrown his hat into the Senate ring, Trump is again cutting him off at the pass.

Because the theory is that Mitt is using the Senate run as a way to position himself for a primary challenge to Trump in 2020, in the name of the Jew program of war, open-borders, free trade, etc.

But if Trump endorses, and Mitt is like “thank you very much Mr. President, I love you, sir,” then he will look schizophrenic if he tries to go rogue and run against him.

Let’s remember the nasty things that Kolob Mitt said just two short years ago.

That was some hardcore nasty type shit.

And what was his thing even?

Remember when he said he wouldn’t have accepted Trump’s 2012 endorsement if he knew he was a member of the KKK?

I mean – I know his thing is “hail Jews, praise Kolob” – but I mean, for an outsider looking at this man’s nastiness, what is he supposed to think?

Funny thing is, Kolob is run like a KKK compound – the only niggers allowed are slaves.

So Mitt is really not just betraying America, he’s betraying his own technically awesome religion.

Trump needs to go campaign for Mitt. Get really, really close to him. Make sure that there is no reasonable way that this sonovabitching anti-racist Mormon nutjob can stage a primary challenge.

Because you know, the primary challenge isn’t the thing to worry about – no one can beat Trump in a primary. The fear is that after losing a primary, Mitt or some other “truecon” (Jewcon) would launch a third party run to ensure a Democrat victory.

That is like, an actually very real threat.