Chemicals in the Environment Could be Responsible for Men Born with Testicles in the Wrong Place

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Now, scientist present evidence that suggests chemicals are also to blame for testicles being in the wrong place.

Study Finds:

Pollution could be behind the rising number of boys born with their testicles in the wrong place, a new study warns. French researchers say babies born with undescended testicles has shot up by as much as 50%, especially in places with coal mines and metal works.

Undescended testicles, also known as cryptorchidism, is the most common male genital defect, affecting between 1% and 8% of newborns. In the U.S., about 200,000 boys are born with the condition each year.

In most cases, the organ corrects itself within six months of birth. Around 1 in 100 boys need surgery to move them into the right position, however. If left untreated, those with the condition may have fertility problems later in life and face a higher risk of testicular cancer.

While certain chemicals have been linked to cryptorchidism, such as phthalates and pesticides, major industrial pollutants have been ignored, until now.

“Our main findings are the increase in the frequency of operated cryptorchidism in France during the study period and the strong tendency for cases to cluster together in particular locations,” says study co-author Dr. Joëlle Le Moal, a medical epidemiologist at the DATA Science Department with Public Health France, in a statement. “This is the first time that such a finding has been documented at a country level for this birth defect.”

The study focuses on 89,382 French boys who went under the knife for cryptorchidism between 2002 and 2014. Results show the number of children with an undescended testicle increased by 36%.

“Our results suggest that the geographical environment could contribute to the clustering of cryptorchidism and interact with socio-economic factors,” adds Dr. Le Moal. “The industrial activities identified in the clusters are potentially the source of persistent environmental pollution by metals, dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls, known as PCBs. PCBs, pesticides and dioxins are suspected to play a role in cryptorchidism and other testicular problems by disrupting hormones.”

Other factors like mothers smoking during pregnancy and premature births could also play a part as they are more common in urban industrialised areas.

“We have highlighted several hypotheses that must be tested in further research,” Dr. LeMoal notes. “Our study is interesting and new because we used a very large, nationwide sample that enabled us to discuss plausible geographical hypotheses. However, these results must not be over-interpreted. The persistent pollutants that we identified could be traces associated with other chemicals. Moreover, we do not know exactly how the population could be contaminated.”

Given the study only included boys who were operated on, it likely underestimates the extent of the health problem.

“This is a landmark study and, in identifying 24 hotspot clusters of cryptorchidism cases scattered across France, it confirms an important role for environmental factors in determining risk of cryptorchidism,” comments Richard Sharpe a professor with Edinburgh University.

Petrochemicals are causing basically every health problem, from autism to cancer.

This is happening. But instead of talking about this, they tell you that the real environmental problem is carbon dioxide, a gas that is breathed by plants, and makes the world greener and lusher and more fertile.

The entire environmental movement has moved away from being against water pollution, pesticides, fertilizers, deforestation, and petrochemicals, and now the whole thing is about “global warming,” which is actually a complete and total hoax.

“Climatology” is a fake science, invented by the United Nations. It is not meteorology, nor is it geology or biology. It is literally “the science of global warming.” When they make these statements about how “99% of climatologists agree that global warming is real,” it’s absolutely no different than saying “99% of Aztec priests agree that if we don’t do human sacrifices, Quetzalcoatl will stop the sun from coming out each day.”

There remains no evidence of a connection between carbon gas and warming, nor any evidence that warming is bad. They actually admit that we’re at the end of an ice age, and that ice ages are caused by the sun, but then they say “but we’re making the end of the ice age go faster” – despite the fact that it was warmer in the Middle Ages than it is now.

It’s just a lot of nonsense that is draped in an ultra-thin veneer of science.

Meanwhile, our sperm count is collapsing, we are fat slobs, we have skyrocketing autism, men behave like women and the reverse, we’re getting all kinds of weird cancers – and all of that is linked directly to chemicals in the environment that no one cares to talk about.