Check Out This MASSIVE Bridge Putin Built

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2018

This is a big deal.

Crimea has now de facto become part of Russia with the opening of this bridge. 


President Vladimir Putin has opened the Crimea Bridge – Russia’s first land connection to the territory it annexed from Ukraine.

Putin has been a major advocate for the 19km-long structure which is the longest in Europe.


In general, Crimea is a pretty cool place. Ukraine neglected it for decades and it’s in sorry shape in lots of places, but the Russkies have been pouring money into it in the last few years. There’s a new airport, new roads and now a new bridge.

Even better, because the Crimean Tatars decided to side with the Ukrainians and do sabotage attacks on Crimean infrastructure, they’ve been punished by the Russkies. You don’t see them out in the streets or dominating the bazaars as much. They’ve put their heads down for now.

Shame Stalin didn’t kill them all when he sent them to the Gulags.

Anyways, Crimea is pretty popping place to be. The beach is so-so, rocky and overcrowded to be fair. It’s not a Caribbean getaway by a long shot, but overall, it’s a solid low-budget proletariat place to chill out for the summer.

And the bridge now means that more trade and tourists will flow in.

They also discovered an ancient Greek city when they were laying foundations for the bridge.

So that’s also bretty cool.

In general, the Russkies can do some impressive shit when the Tsar tells them to get it done. This bridge was built at breakneck speed, in tough conditions, breaking records left and right. And it was all because Putin decided to make Crimea a top priority.

The thing is, Putin doesn’t have sweeping powers, which is a shame.

Some Russian banks are actually boycotting Crimea to this day. They don’t want to get hit by sanctions from the West for doing business with Crimea. So they don’t even have ATMs on the peninsula.

If I were Putin, I’d hang these bankers, but then, he’s a president, not a Tsar.

Tired of your shit, Mr. Sberbank man.

Regardless, I don’t think Ukraine is ever going to get Crimea back now.