Chauvin Guilty of Everything as Yet Another Blackie Killed by Racist Cops

Derek Chauvin was pronounced “guilty of everything” on Tuesday.

He was convicted on all three counts – two counts murder and one of manslaughter – in relation to the fentanyl overdose of one innocent gentle giant named “Big Papa” Floyd, who was ambushed by Chauvin while he was on his way to church.

Joe Biden called to congratulate the fambly.

But there is no time to even analyze what this means.

Just as blacks were beginning to celebrate, another innocent blackie was shot down in cold blood by an Aryan cop.

Why did they do it, you ask?

Well, it’s very simple: they hated the color of her skin.


Columbus Police said one person was killed in an officer-involved shooting on the east side of the city Tuesday afternoon.

One person was initially taken to Mount Carmel East hospital in critical condition, according to Columbus Police, and was pronounced dead at 5:21 p.m.

Columbus Mayor Blackie McBlackhead (real name) has identified the victim of this outrageous and brutal racial murder as a young woman.

Her name appears to have been Makiyah Bryant. Rest in power.

Presumably, she was on her way to church as she was turning her life around when the cops ambushed her and killed her for no reason other than pure hatred.

Okay, let me drop the jokey-joking around here.

They are claiming that this black girl was shot AT THE SAME TIME as the verdict was being read.

I’m not even going to comment on the statistical chances of that, but it proves what I’ve been saying from the beginning: it doesn’t matter that Chauvin is being crucified for a crime he didn’t commit.

They are intent on riots this summer, and they will just roll out some new event. Black people are committing crimes all the time, and they end up interacting with the police, and very often they resist arrest, and sometimes they die as a result.

There is only one clip out at time of writing showing the Columbus situation.

It shows a white cop standing there with the body of a black person on the ground.

They can use this event, or they can use some other event – it doesn’t matter. The media has the ability to run anything they want 24/7 and tell blacks to riot, and tell whites that if they don’t support black rioting, they are evil.

George Floyd (if he had lived)

The sacrifice of this innocent man Chauvin to the dark gods of Africa will not cleanse you of your sins.

They are angry, and they want more blood. They want all the blood.

You’re going to get a white boy summer.

I can promise you that.

We will have further coverage of the responses to the Floyd verdict on Wednesday. Right now, virtually all leftists on social media are skipping directly from the Chauvin conviction to the girl in Columbus.

This is what happens when you type “Chauvin” into Twitter (these are the top results, in this order, at time of writing):

If you scroll down, there are tweets that don’t mention the Columbus shooting, but the top three do. As do most of the rest of them.

This is purposeful on the part of Twitter. They want to remind you that this changes nothing: the white boy summer is still on.

I have a feeling that this Columbus case might fall apart, but if it does, there will be another on the way.

Keep your chin up.