Charlottesville: Reconstructing Heather Heyer’s Movements

Hunter Wallace
Occidental Dissent
September 10, 2017

I’ve partially reconstructed Heather Heyer’s movements in Charlottesville with the following videos. There are lots of videos out there and now we know where to look, what Heather Heyer looked like, who she was with and where she was at on the afternoon of August 12th.

Courtney Commander Videos

At this point, Courtney Commander, Heather Heyer, Marcus Martin and Marissa Blair leave the parking lot across from the South Street Brewery. They follow the mob that is chasing a group of Patriots. Faith Goldy and Ruptly also follow the mob who pin the Patriots behind the Sultan Kebab at the corner of Garrett and 2nd St. SE. The crowd is extremely hostile:

Faith Goldy was there. Heather Heyer was there with Courtney Commander. The mob is screaming at American Warrior Revolution and throwing rocks at them. This is also captured in the Ruptly Livestream between 2:00:00 and 2:10:00.

 Heather Heyer is captured at 5:27 in this video:

Heather Heyer is captured on the Courtney Commander videos. This is when the mob is chasing American Warrior Revolution back to the parking lot across from the South Street Brewery. Faith Goldy and Ruptly are in front of them filming the entire incident.

Faith Goldy and Ruptly film the hostile exchange when American Warrior Revolution arrives back at the parking lot. The Virginia State Police separate the two groups. Courtney Commander is standing with Black Lives Matter and can be seen in the crowd from Faith Goldy’s perspective:

Presumably, the “White bitch” here is either Faith Goldy or one of the women with American Warrior Revolution. There are no other options. In the Ruptly Livestream, the mob in the parking lot across from the South Street Brewery chase down and try to attack cars leaving the area:

Between 9:24 and 12:00 in this video, you can see the mob attacking the cars leaving the parking lot across from the South Street Brewery. Courtney Commander is wearing the red backpack:

Heather Heyer has been relatively quiet during all of this, but the Black Lives Matter mob she is traveling with is extremely hostile. There is a moment when Heather engages a woman in red helmet in a brief conversation. The woman tells her that she doesn’t have an argument.

Courtney Commander, Faith Goldy and Ruptly are all following the mob. It leaves the parking lot across from the South South Street Brewery. Commander is excited because “dem n****s are goin to Garrett” because “there’s about to be a war.” For the record, this is Corey Long and friends who are responsible for the flamethrower incident, the parking garage incident, another exchange in the South Street Brewery parking lot and attacking American Warrior Revolution with rocks.

Heather Heyer arrived with a group of three people in Charlottesville shortly before 1 PM. The three people are Courtney Commander who filmed these videos, her friend Marissa Blair and her partner Marcus Martin who is the black guy wearing the red hat and red shoes:

Marissa Blair Video

We last saw Heather Heyer at the parking lot outside the South Street Brewery. She arrived shortly before 1 PM. Courtney Commander’s videos are around 30 minutes long. The last we heard from the group was “There’s about to be a war. Dem niggas goin to Garrett.”

Here are the last 6 minutes of the Courtney Commander’s livestream video. Heather Heyer and the group have joined up with the Antifa mob parading down Water Street. This ends in the car crash.

In the course of the next 15 minutes, they meet up with the Antifa mob parading down Water Street. This is the end when she turns down Fourth Street with Marissa Blair, Marcus Martin and Courtney Commander. They had been parading through traffic for an hour looking for trouble when this happened. Commander even said several times that what they were doing was “really, really dangerous.”

It was also foolish and illegal and the Charlottesville Police, Virginia State Police and National Guard made no effort to deter them even though under their orders they were supposed to be “providing for the safe movement of traffic and pedestrians.” They were incapable of even closing the intersection of Fourth Street and Market Street which was supposed to be closed until 7 PM.

In the final video, Courtney Commander is with the mob screaming “Whose Streets, Our Streets” as they pass parked Charlottesville Police patrol cars. She screams and says “it feels like a revolution” and “this shit feels unbelievable” and “it feels like a nightmare, yo.” The mob is chanting “anti anti antifa-ista.” Three minutes before the car crash, Commander says, “this is so liberating.” She screams in joy while chanting “No Nazis, No KKK, No Fascist USA.” The mob is having a great time screaming “Whose Streets, Our Streets” and “Black Lives Matter.” Finally, we hear “Go Left, Go Left.” BOOM.

Faith Goldy is traveling with the Antifa mob down Water Street. She is disgusted that this is allowed to happen while #UniteTheRight was shutdown. Shortly thereafter, the car crash happens. You can hear the Dodge Challenger slamming on its brakes in the videos.

This is the final three minutes from Marissa Blair’s perspective:

This is the best frame we have of the wreck. Heather tumbles to the ground on the right side of the Challenger while another dude takes the direct hit. It is possible her legs could have been scraped or injured, but she is blown to the side of the street like everyone else.

Heather Is Given CPR

RIP Heather Heyer

There are plenty of gaps left to be filled in this timeline. I’m confident Heather Heyer, Commander, Blair and Martin were captured on video in the vicinity of Garrett Street and Water Street. The reckless actions of this group who were seeking out conflict really comes across in the full timeline. They knew that what they were doing was “really, really dangerous” and did it anyway.

UPDATE: This is another unseen angle of the Dodge Challenger in reverse.