Charlottesville: One Year Later

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 12, 2018

No matter how you view what happened in Charlottesville last year, there is no denying that this was an important series of events that will be forever remembered in the history books.

It’s hard to believe, but a full year has passed since the Unite the Right rally took place in Charlottesville, Virginia. Even though I was unable to attend Friday night’s torchlight rally, I personally attended Saturday’s march and was in Lee Park when most of the clashes took place. While there are many differing opinions about the cultural aftermath, there is no denying that it will go down as a key event in American history.

For the anniversary, the Jew-run media has gone into overdrive rehashing propaganda and lies to describe what happened. As expected, their focus has been on demonizing all the patriotic White Americans who showed up to exercise our right under the First Amendment to peacefully assemble.

Obviously, the rally that we intended to have never happened. Despite obtaining a lawful permit to hold a rally in Lee Park, the police failed to keep a group of violent anti-fascist terrorists from attacking our people. There is little doubt that the criminal Communist kike and Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer along with the Negroid Police Chief Al Thomas conspired to ensure that the police stood down. Two witnesses are on record hearing Thomas say “let them fight, it will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly.” This was effectively a stand down order regardless of how the lying Jewish ink pissers and so-called “fact checkers” spin it.

The ensuing clashes were used to justify an emergency declaration and a line of riot police cleared the park to shut down the rally. Worse yet is how the riot police literally forced all of our people in the park directly into the anti-fascists which resulted in more violence.

Even with the emergency declaration that was put into effect, the police failed to clear the city streets. Groups of anti-fascists continued to riot in the downtown area attacking people and vehicles well after this declaration was made.

It is clear that this environment is what caused James Fields to panic and crash his Dodge Challenger into that crowd of blacks and Communists. He obviously thought that his life was in danger being surrounded by those violent savages. And just what were all those people doing in the middle of a road with an emergency declaration in effect? Where were the police?

Dwayne Dixon, a University of North Carolina professor associated with the anti-fascists, actually bragged on Facebook about chasing James Fields with a rifle. He specifically said that he did this before the crash.

Dixon was personally confronted on camera about his admission and completely lost it. The fact that this man has not been arrested and charged with a felonious crime is a gross injustice. Especially considering that Fields is still in jail a year later awaiting trial.

There’s also documentation showing how violence was instigated by the opposing side.

Take for example that BLM activist DeAndre Harris. He only got the shit beat out of him because he first attacked one of our people with a flashlight.

And on top of that, it was the Communist thugs who were blocking our access to the park. If they didn’t want violent clashes, they could have simply let our people enter without issue. But as we know, these are individuals who are not interested in having any sort of intelligent dialogue. They need to use violence to advance their politics because their political views are devoid of logic and substance.

The independent review that was later commissioned by the Charlottesville city government, squarely placed blame on the police for much of the violence. It cited numerous police failures and faulted the city government for failing to protect the First Amendment rights of our people.

Of course, we see almost no mention of these things anywhere in the Jew-run press. Instead, it is just report after report demonizing our people who had a lawful right to peacefully assemble.

And of course let’s not forget about that fat Communist Heather Heyer. Her death has been used repeatedly by the Jewish media in emotionally charged propaganda videos to demonize us. They continue to imply that she died because Fields hit her with his car even though there is no verifiable video evidence proving that this happened.

It turns out that she died of a heart attack because she was morbidly obese. Her mother Susan Bro, admitted this in an NBC interview.

This inconvenient fact hasn’t stopped Bro from exploiting her daughter’s death for personal gain. She’s been all over the media in recent days falsely claiming that her fat Communist daughter was a victim of violent White supremacists.

The fact that the city renamed a street in Heather Heyer’s honor is an embarrassment to humanity. She was part of a violent Communist mob that was terrorizing people in the streets. This is definitely not the type of person you want to be naming streets after.

The bottom line is that the narrative presented by the Jew-run media about the Unite the Right rally has been fake news and lies from the start. Over the past few days, several mini-documentaries on this subject have been uploaded to YouTube by the media. Every single one I’ve seen parrots outright lies and biased propaganda. These so-called journalists who produced this garbage are evil liars who belong in prison.

But reflecting on the outcome, there is no doubt that much of what happened post-Charlottesville was negative to the overall cause. Many of our people went to jail or lost their jobs as a result of their participation in this event. There was also an enormous crackdown on the digital front with many of us getting banned from social media and other Internet related services. And naturally, there’s been disagreements with how we should move forward.

But if we look at this from a glass half full perspective, it is clear that what they did to us was a massive overplay. By banning us from social media and trying to render us nonpersons on the Internet, they have effectively made Internet free speech a major mainstream issue.

And in order to shut down the rally, they had to criminally conspire to violate our First Amendment rights. They showed the entire world that First Amendment rights don’t apply if you are White and you attempt to look out for your own racial interests. This is a fact that has not been lost on people.

The Daily Stormer is now more popular than ever and we have one of the most engaged audiences on the Internet. Much of this is due to all of the hysteria and media coverage the site received in the days following the rally. It’s literally what caused the Daily Stormer to become the most censored publication in the history of man. This is a remarkable distinction and one that might not have happened if these events never took place.

They’ve basically turned us into the ultimate underdog which is good because the general public tends to sympathize with underdogs. You can only use the full weight of powerful systems against a group for so long before the public tires of it.

So even though the short term effects of what happened were definitely negative, there are some long term benefits to what happened much of it which hasn’t been fully realized yet.

If we are to look at what happened in Germany during the 1920s, the Beer Hall Putsch conducted by Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP had similar characteristics. The short term consequences of it were negative. People were shot and jailed, but it set the stage for Hitler’s rise to power years later.

I personally have zero regrets about attending the rally last year. I had a chance to meet a number of people involved with the cause and had a great time at the after party that followed in the evening. There was lots of positive energy there. Listen to Azzmador’s podcast that was recorded at the after party to get a sense of the atmosphere. Myself, some of the other Daily Stormer contributors and other figures associated with the movement appeared on it. We just have to continue channeling this energy in a smart and effective way.

Unfortunately, the Unite the Right 2 rally scheduled to take place in Washington DC today does not appear to be in this spirit. The original rally had a definitive mission and purpose. This one does not seem to have a clear objective or goal. It’s why many people who attended the original rally including myself are not supporting it. Let’s just hope that it will be a peaceful event because if any violence occurs they’re going to blame us for it even if we are not at fault.

But regardless of that, our ideas are winning. We just have to stay the course and fight.

Hail Victory!