Charlottesville Ground Report: Nazi Occultists Resurrect Spirit of Confederacy

Daily Stormer
May 16, 2017

The fire rises.

On Saturday afternoon, a large group of over 200 pro-white activists took to marching on Jackson Park in Charlottesville in what was ostensibly a protest against the local kikes and negroids attempting to destroy Confederate monuments. As a Daily Stormer correspondent who was live on the ground for this momentous occasion, I can give you some insight into the true objectives of the event.

Nazi leader Richard Spencer, White Sharia Prophet Nathan Damigo of Identity Europa, TWP’s Matt Heimbach, and Mike Enoch of were in attendence to lead a rally against Mike “the Kike” Signer and Wes “Whip-Me-Masta” Bellamy’s desire to destroy these glorious Confederate monuments to our white demigods. A handful of Antifa showed up to countenance their degeneracy, which was well documented in the previous article on the event.

Richard Spencer looks at the anti-whites in disgust.

When the doxing didn’t really turn out how you planned.

After the rally, the pro-White activists dispersed for a picnic and conference in order to celebrate our spate of successes against the heebs, all of which was covered by Red Ice TV.

As night fell, the Grand Wizards of White Power called upon their acolytes to commence The Ritual, which was a rite designed to resurrect the life-force of the greatest heroes of the White race: General Robert E. Lee. The 200+ honorable whites marched to the base of the statue as they carried torches reminiscent of the 3rd Reich whilst intoning glorious and secret maxims in the archaic languages of their Nordic fathers. As the ritual concluded, Richard Spencer spoke to the acolytes; he told them that the spirit of our General Lee had been successfully resurrected. The crowd cheered and blew their candles out. In a bold oration, Richard held forth on the nature of what was to transpire: the spirit of Lee would not return as a negro-hunting horseman of the apocalypse, as some expected. Nay, the spirit of the General had been returned in order to guide the folk present there to ever loftier heights in the dissemination white supremacist ideals throughout the globe.

With their new-found spirit, the white activists departed the hallowed grounds, and vowed to return should the future of the statue again be imperiled by the forces of International Jewry.

The White activists could not merely return home after such a life-changing religious experience, and therefore decided to throw a Nazi-themed party at a handsomely appointed mansion nearby, which had a wonderful air of white privilege about its entire façade. Females were matched with men in a delightfully eugenic process of mate selection, thus demonstrating the real-world viability of White Sharia. Old baggage was set aside and new alliances were forged and we moved closer to formalising the White World Power Congress (at this time, Andrew Anglin remains the only nomination for president). Over 200 of our brethren joined together to sing songs of our people (ancient and new) and share stories of recent victories against the kikes.

Enoch, Heimbach, and Spencer plotting the next lynching in the plantation house.

While the Nazis hailed victory, a kvetch could be heard around the world. Unbeknownst to the kikes, the Alt Right had fooled them into covering the faggy degenerate “Free Speech and Race Mixing” rally in Boston where they sent their shocktroops. Not expecting an ambush in Charlottesville their hooked-nose-merchant media apparatus begged Alt Right Twitter accounts for rights to their photos, and produced articles which can be summarised as “REEEEEEEEEEE”! Meanwhile, every GOP official south of the Mason-Dixon Line has been trying to outdo each other in a game of who can cuck harder.

One like = one shake.

Overall, this event was another huge win for global white supremacy, and even more proof of the movement’s maturity. The Summer has barely started and we have already won multiple battles in 2017. Stay tuned for more events as we move closer to freedom from International Jewry. Hail Lee! Hail our People! Hail Victory!