Charlottesville and Unite the Right 2 Coverage Quickly Disappears From the Jew News Cycle

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 14, 2018

The Unite the Right 2 rally turned out to be an apparently unintentional troll of the Jew news media. Pictured above are the Nazis that they had all the anti-fascists and Communists angry at – organizer Jason Kessler is flanked by a Negro MC and a Latinx of some manner.

If any of you followed the news coverage in the Jew news media over the weekend, it was largely dominated with talk about last year’s events in Charlottesville, Unite the Right 2 and the death of that fat Communist whale Heather Heyer. There were all sorts of short documentary films put out by all the big alphabet soup news organizations regurgitating lies and propaganda about the original Unite the Right event. These topics became the main focus of what all the talking heads and pundits were talking about on Sunday.

Fast forward to Monday and discussion of these topics mostly vanished. The conversation quickly shifted on to Omarosa’s new book and her secretly recording people in the White House.

Tucker Carlson appears to have been the only person on cable news who provided any serious coverage of what had actually happened at the weird event the day before.

This illustrates an enormous strategic failure by our enemies. They spent days acting like Washington, DC was about to get invaded by an army of a million Nazis waving swastika flags. Instead, a small group of roughly 20 people with American flags showed up for the Unite the Right 2 event. Included among them were some non-Whites and a black MC (apparently a professional MC, hired by organizer Jason Kessler to conduct the event).

The content of the speeches given by participants mostly focused on protecting the civil rights of all people regardless of race and the importance of free political speech. It ended up being a fairly moderate or center-right type of rally. Kessler gave a statement to the media apologizing if he had hurt anyone’s feelings and saying he was not a racist.

They held the event earlier than the scheduled time, and were quickly ushered out of the area into escape vans by the police and the black MC.

This left the thousands of anti-fascists and Communists that were shipped into Charlottesville and Washington, DC with no Nazis to fight. And instead of going home, these unhinged individuals decided to violently attack the police and media. Some of them even threatened to murder the President of the United States.

They apparently believed that the police were hiding a large group of Nazis from them, hours after the 20 individuals had escaped in their escape vans.

These people who claim to be tolerant and against hate looked like the most insane and hateful individuals imaginable. They were literally foaming at the mouth threatening violence over a small group of people publicly speaking about civil rights and free speech.

Even the leftist blog Vox was forced to admit the truth of what was happening.

This situation perfectly illustrated how political violence is a phenomenon used exclusively by the Communist left. Even better is how the Jew news media showed this phenomenon in all its glory for the world to see. There was also no way for them to spin this and claim that the violence was the result of Nazis – because there were no Nazis.

It’s no wonder why the decision was made to quickly shut this down and shift the narrative on to something else. This weekend was a fairly significant propaganda disaster for our political enemies. Choosing to label everyone to the political right of Karl Marx as a racist, Nazi or a White supremacist probably wasn’t the smartest political strategy.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.