Charlotte Update: Googles Tried to Burn Photographer Alive

Daily Stormer
September 23, 2016


There’s a common saying in Africa: “Ain’t no problem you can’t solve by burning it.”

More footage from the Wednesday night chimpout in Charlotte.

Our cultural enrichment is accelerating because of the googles’ rekindling of their ancestral traditions. In Africa, it’s a common custom to put a gasoline-filled tire around someone and light it on fire. They call it necklacing.


How quaint.

Now, their primordial instincts seem to be pushing them towards similar behavior here.

Here’s the photographer being saved by the police:

Whites in South Africa have had to deal with this sort of thing for a long time now. And now, it’s coming to America!

That this photographer was in a position to be burned alive by these dirty googles shows that he didn’t understand the nature of the situation. Well, you can be sure he does now, as do many people who witnessed this.

Some Whites are still under the impression that googles are only angry at the government, or the KKK or whatever, and that they, personally, are immune to the chimpouts because they’re good little progressive cucks. What they don’t understand is that googles just hate all Whites, and they’ll slaughter us all if they get the chance – just like they slaughtered us in Haiti.


It’s within the google’s nature to chimpout.