Charlie Sheen Says a Bunch of Actors Secretly Have HIV

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2017

I don’t even know if HIV is a real thing.

I tend to believe it’s just GRIDS.

Daily Mail:

He publicly announced that he was living with HIV in November 2015.

And Charlie Sheen now claims that there are people in Hollywood who are secretly living with the same disease.

‘I know who they are, but I will take that to my grave,’ the 51-year-old actor told The Kyle & Jackie ‘O’ Show on Wednesday.

The former Two & A Half Men star’s comment comes after host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson asked: ‘Do you think there are more people in Hollywood that have HIV that wouldn’t dare come out and say it like you did?’

Meanwhile, the actor also claims the ‘miracle drug’ used to treat the virus actually makes him ‘safer’ than most people when it comes to sex.

‘Here’s the absolute freaking irony – with the miracle drug that I’m on, this PRO-140, I am actually safer than most cats out there that profess to be on the tallest tree,’ he said earlier in the interview.

Right after he was exposed as having the supposed retrovirus, I was like “straight guy, I doubt it.” Then a video came out of him having gay “sex.”