Charlie Kirk: “Let’s Staple a Green Card to the Diploma”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 25, 2019

We’ve been keeping tabs on the retarded-looking anti-American shill and Israeli foreign agent Charlie Kirk as he travels the country, pushing an evil Jewish agenda on college students with his vile “Talking Points USA” organization.

One of his recent hot talking points is that if a foreigner comes to our country and attends one of our universities – whether they are from “South Korea or the Sudan” – we should “staple a green card to their diploma.”

If you feel like you’ve heard that particular phrase before, it’s because you have – you’ve heard it repeatedly, from the entire political establishment, both Republican and Democrat.

“Turning Point USA” really is “Talking Points USA.”

All this Kirk shill does is spew memorized talking points, which at this point are all simply offensive cliches.

  • America is a nation of immigrants
  • Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East
  • America is a nation of ideas, not people
  • America is an experiment
  • I want immigration, I just want it to be legal
  • American exceptionalism stems from replacing the native population with foreigners
  • I care about ideology, not race
  • The greatest nation on earth
  • Our values
  • The economy
  • GDP

I actually sat down and watched one of his full presentations last night, and it was simply incredible, the way he did absolutely nothing but spew these boomer slogans, all of which have become memes to be mocked by the younger generation of right-wingers.

Clearly, the plan here is that if they can shut down the internet completely, remove everything other than these stupid boomer retardisms, they can push everyone inclined to be right-wing back into this boomer gibberish factory that is establishment conservatism.

The genie is out of the bottle, however.

As we’ve seen with Charlie’s question and answer sessions on his tour, he is simply being swamped by young nationalists who aren’t going to be fooled by this obvious Jewish shill logic of “destroy your own country because values, goyim.”

And when this is all over, Charlie Kirk, you’re going to be put on trial for this.

Because it is treason.

And treason is against the law in America.