Charlie Kirk is Still Doing That Thing Where He Argues with Retard Leftists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 4, 2020

Charlie Kirk is still doing this:

And President Donald Trump is still promoting him:

The Groyper War ended four months ago. Charlie Kirk has not answered any of the questions we asked.

To wit:

  • Why are we giving billions of dollars to Israel and fighting wars for them?
  • Why are ostensibly Christian organizations in America promoting man-on-man anal?
  • Why are we burying ourselves in nonwhite immigrants, destroying our national identity and removing any hope of a future for our children?

Kirk managed to completely skirt giving any response at all. He continues to promote the exact same agenda. And he continues to be supported by the entire Republican establishment, including the president himself.

When I see a video of Kirk arguing with a homosexual about the definition of an “assault weapon,” and see the 10,000 likes, and then I see Donald Trump promoting Charlie Kirk and getting 63,000 likes, it actually makes me wish a comet would hit the earth and just wipe out all life.

Democracy has failed. And there does not appear to be any way at all to fix this system.

A billionaire paying for his own campaign and getting elected president was basically a fantasy scenario, the only possible way anyone could imagine for change to take place. And that happened. Three years later, everything is back exactly to business as usual.

While we were pouring out our own blood by the gallon in our campaign to make Donald Trump president, Charlie Kirk was on TV attacking him for calling Ted Cruz’ wife ugly and being against abortion.

Now Charlie Kirk is standing at Donald Trump’s side on stage and being promoted on his Twitter – as he promotes the literal opposite of what Trump campaigned on – while we are banned from the internet for having supported MAGA.

Donald Trump is lucky Bernie didn’t get the nomination. Because half his base would have preferred to give Bernie’s populism a try rather than continue on with Trump’s sickening agenda to make a mockery of his own promises while dancing around with this repulsive Asperger syndrome pervert.

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