Charlie Kirk is a Repulsive Freak, His Head is Filled with Water

Charlie Kirk, the head of Turning Point USA, is a controlled opposition shill who has been brought in by the media to represent the MAGA movement.

In fact, everything that he believes and promotes is diametrically opposed to what Donald Trump won on in 2016.

Charlie Kirk supports:

  • Unlimited immigration (he wants to bring in 50 million immigrants in 10 years)
  • Homosexuality (he wants to force black people to do gay anal, and attempts to bully conservatives into accepting ultra-analism)
  • Israel First (he believes that the wellbeing of the American people should be secondary to that of Israeli Jews)

What is shocking is not that he is such a shill. You would always expect a shill to be promoted as the top person in a right-wing movement, because the media is allowed to make these decisions.

What is most shocking is that he is such a disgusting freak, who is going to be universally repulsive to anyone who witnesses him.

He has been making regular appearances on Fox News, despite the fact that no one likes him, because Fox News promotes a devious agenda every chance they get. He doesn’t come on to talk about how he wants to staple green cards to diplomas or chop down national forests and build entire cities to house nonwhite immigrants – instead, he talks about benign nonsense, such as how he supports the cops.

What this is supposed to do is make the audience more comfortable with Charlie Kirk. Obviously, no one disagrees that the cops should be arresting Antifa. So someone sees him saying this, and then, in theory, they assume he’s a good person so they’re more likely to go along with his gay agenda and his mass invasion agenda.

However, I do not think it works that way. I think when people see this guy, they think he’s a freak and a water-head, and do not want anything to do with him, despite the fact that they may agree about whatever basic thing he is saying.

In an appearance last week on the Laura Ingraham show, Kirk was testing out a strange technique of making strange faces. Watch the clip if you dare. I promise you, it will make you extremely uncomfortable, and it will stay with you all day like a rotten stench.

You will truly be shaken to your very core.

He appears to be trying to copy Tucker Carlson, on the advice of an image management consultant. He was making faces of confusion while a bald guy gave his talking points about the feds being sent in to cities.

He looked totally astonished at what this man was saying.

Of course, he couldn’t possibly have been astonished at what this man was saying, as all he was saying was talking points, which we are all familiar with. Even if you disagree with something, you do not become astonished or shocked by it unless you’ve never heard it before. So making this huge weird demonstration of his shock is utterly bizarre, and no doubt confusing to the viewer, who, assuming he buys the act, would be thinking, “why has he never heard this before? Does he not watch television or read the media?”

He also doesn’t time his Jim Carey-esque facial expressions correctly, and often ends up doing weird eyebrow motions while Laura is talking.

Of course, most people will recognize it as an act, and will feel that the man is extremely dishonest, to be putting on a fake show of hysterical fake emotions on a television news show.

They will also be unpleasantly assaulted by the shape of his skull, and the tiny teeth which are visible under a slab of gums when he smiles.

Then, as the show continued, the viewer would go from being disgusted by his dishonesty and the cut of his jib to being repulsed by his egregious display of lunatic behaviors.

Towards the end of the interview, Kirk went into complete Joker mode, and started making the most bizarre and shocking faces I’ve seen yet.

This man is not fit to promote a shill agenda. No one likes this and no one will ever like this. Charlie Kirk is a mutant with terrible birth defects. His head is filled with water. That is not by any stretch of the imagination a normal head shape.

He is as disgusting to lay eyes upon as his agenda to flood America with millions of brown people.

If the Republicans want to push this agenda to bury us in brown sludge, they need a better representative than this.

Of course, at this point, it doesn’t really matter, because if Joe Biden wins, there will be no more need for controlled opposition shills like Charlie Kirk. The right-wing, shills and all, will just be crushed, and the Democrats will ram through their agenda without any kind of “democratic process.”