Charlie Kirk Event Canceled After Threats to Burn Down Church

A Charlie Kirk event was canceled after neo-Nazi white supremacists threatened to burn down a Zionist Seattle church in response to Kirk’s deranged agenda to flood America with tens of millions of nonwhite immigrants and to turn Africa completely gay.

Oh no wait, it was the ANTIFA who threatened to burn the church down.

Why is this pastor wearing a track suit?

Is he even Slavic?

The weird man also falsely claims that “love always wins.” What if love is fighting against violence? Or fire? You can’t put a fire out with love.

Here’s the real mystery:

What do Antifa and Charlie Kirk disagree about?

I thought they were pretty much on the same page?

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Kirk has called for Americans to be completely smothered under unending waves of brown immigration, which I understood was the main agenda of Antifa as well.

Both Antifa and Kirk are also very big on supporting Israel, and moving large amounts of American money to support the Jewish state.

I guess they disagree on the tax rate?

Seems like a pretty minor disagreement.

Certainly Antifa and Charlie Kirk are a lot closer to each other than either of them is to a normal working or middle class American.

It seems like they would want to work together to bury white people, and then figure out the tax policies later.

I mean, if there was a group that wanted to get rid of immigrants and make America a racial homeland for the Aryan race, I don’t even think I would ask about their views on tax policy before getting on board with them. Honestly, I don’t even know that I have an opinion on tax policy, at all.

I suppose it is good that anti-white hate forces like Charlie Kirk and Antifa are fighting each other.

Or maybe it isn’t good, because whether you are on the left or the right, your leaders are anti-white, and these people are pretend fighting to distract from that fact?