Charlie Kirk Claims He Just Wants to Have a “Dialogue in Good Faith”

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2019

Charlie Kirk just keeps digging a bigger and bigger hole for himself.

Charlie Kirk has written a piece published on the American Greatness blog in which he claims that he simply wants to have a “dialogue in good faith.”

This is a lie. Kirk obviously does not want to have a “dialogue in good faith.”

Last month, Nick Fuentes tried to approach Kirk at Politicon to take a picture with him and he was prevented from doing so by his security detail.

Fuentes wasn’t even allowed to attend the debate Kirk was participating in at Politicon. He was literally prevented from doing so by Kirk’s security goons. And while Fuentes was banned from watching the debate, Kirk, like the hypocrite that he is, claimed that he loves to debate people he disagrees with.

But if Kirk really loved to debate people he disagrees with, Fuentes would not have been banned from watching the debate nor would they have cancelled the question and answer session that was previously scheduled.

Kirk has not only refused to debate Fuentes, but he has helped launch a smear campaign against him.

At his “Prove Me Wrong” event at the University of Houston, Kirk tried to paint Fuentes as a fake Donald Trump supporter and a “groyper grifter,” by attempting to play an out-of-context video clip of Fuentes from 2015. He couldn’t even get the video to play properly and was openly mocked by people yelling “boomer tech.”

The comical situation resulted in total humiliation for Kirk. He was ultimately booed and chased off of the campus by an angry crowd of people chanting “America First.”  They were none too happy with the stupid stunt he tried to pull.

And Kirk has done nothing to stop the small army of fake conservatives who have been all over social media and on blog sites engaging in a coordinated attack campaign against Fuentes. They’ve literally spent the past several days claiming that Fuentes is the most evil person on the planet because he made a joke about cookies.

Kirk also stopped doing live streams of his Culture War events after he and his black homosexual buddy Rob Smith were asked all sorts of uncomfortable questions at Ohio State University by groypers.

Why would you stop doing live streams if your goal is to engage in an open and honest conversation with people? Wouldn’t you want to try and reach as many people as possible?

Kirk even went so far as to smear a number of groypers with Jew-leftist labels like “racist” and “White supremacist” because they expressed concerns about mass immigration.

Yet despite all this history, Kirk wants us to believe that he simply wants to have a “dialogue in good faith.” This stupid blog post he wrote does nothing to convince anybody that this is what he wants. In fact, this blog post was totally counterproductive from a public relations standpoint. It’s only going to make him an even more hated figure.

The bottom line is this. If Kirk was really interested in a “dialogue in good faith,” he would immediately hold a public debate with Fuentes. He would also live stream that debate and allow for a robust question and answer session. The fact that he has not done any of this shows that he, like all of these other fake conservative shills, are scared of a “dialogue in good faith” and have no intention to engage in one.

Seeing Kirk flail around like this just shows that the cracks in the foundation of fake conservative incorporated are getting larger and larger. Their entire shill operation is in the process of crumbling. They’re being correctly identified by more and more people as an even more dangerous political enemy than the political left.