Charlie Kirk Calling for 50 Million Immigrants in the Next 10 Years

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2020

Turning Point USA founder and big time Donald Trump advisor Charlie Kirk recently called for 50 million immigrants to flood America in under 10 years.

Speaking at a recent TPUSA “Culture Wars” event, Kirk claimed that because there is open land in America, we should voluntarily bury our society in foreigners.

“I encourage all of you to fly non-stop from New York to San Francisco with your window open, you’re not allowed to sleep, and tell me that we have too many people in this country,” Kirk said, advising people to look at all of the open land, and realize that this could be filled up with people from all over the world, at numbers beyond those that any country in the history of the world has ever experienced.

“The United States of America is an incubator for great ideas. I think we could take another 50 million highly-qualified people in the next ten years and not even feel the hit,” he said.

With his mentioning of uninhabited land, it appears that he is suggesting that entire new cities be built in what is currently classified as nature reserves in order to house people from other countries.

Kirk went on to say that these immigrants can flood my home state of Ohio, and claimed that we have good immigrants.

“I’ve been to Dayton, Ohio where they have a highly-functional immigrant community from Armenia, and some are Moslem, and some are Christian… I see that as a great success story that could happen all over the country,” Kirk said.

I will tell you: no one should have to have happen to them what happened to my home in Ohio. We were buried in disgusting people from everywhere, and there is no longer anything even resembling a state of community or basic social cohesiveness. There are people everywhere you go speaking three dozen different languages, and you can go out for an entire day and barely see another white person.

Everyone has been alienated by this aggressive attack on our state by people like Charlie Kirk. The jobs market is allegedly better than most places in the country, but no one in my age group can afford a home or marriage, even as these new immigrants are living in the homes our grandparents built.

And the solution provided is of course opioid addiction.

At the same event, Charlie Kirk started talking about a “big wall” having a “big door,” and said that Trump needs to start talking more about the “big door.”

Kirk also brought back his claim that he wants to “staple green cards to diplomas.” You may remember that back in November, Tucker Carlson called out Charlie Kirk on his show for making this insane, suicidal demand for our college graduates to be forced to compete with unlimited numbers of foreigners. Charlie Kirk apologized for attempting to undermine the country in this way.

But yes, he’s back with that, again.

“My own personal opinion is we should have more skilled, more geniuses and more rich immigrants coming into the country,” he said.

This idea that we’re going to bring in “skilled rich geniuses” is just utter nonsense. Why would a “skilled rich genius” want to leave his own country to live in the soulless, degenerate wasteland that is modern America?

Immigrants who come to America view it as a marketplace where they can come to make money, i.e., a foreign land that they can exploit for resources. They do not come here because they are driven by some inexplicable drive to uproot themselves from their homes in order to “embrace the ideas of the American experiment.” If you believe that, you should be euthanized.

And all you have to do is look around you. Have you ever met an immigrant who you would classify as a “skilled rich genius”?

Along with the basic social destruction these people cause, along with the economic decline they create, along with all the rest of the destruction, they are currently organizing to wage a war against the native people of this country, as they fight for dominance.

It is simply incomprehensible to me that anyone can hear Charlie Kirk calling for us to be buried, to have our culture and society destroyed, to give up what our grandparents created for us to hordes of foreigners, and not view this man as a radical revolutionary subversive who belongs in jail. This man is actively and openly plotting to undermine and destroy the United States of America.

Adding a layer of bizarreness that takes the entire situation to “bad acid trip” levels, somehow Kirk has managed to attach these revolutionary Marxist, globalist ideas to Donald Trump – the man who won an election with promises to end immigration completely and round up tens of millions of people and throw them out!

While literally calling for unlimited numbers of immigrants, Kirk will claim that illegal immigration is bad. But this is actually nonsensical, because what difference does it make if they have paperwork saying “legal” or not? In my personal view, the typical Mexican is preferable to the typical Indian or Islamic immigrant, but the Mexicans are illegal and the Indians and Moslems are legal. I think most whites would agree that they would rather have Mexicans than Indians and Moslems.

Absolutely no one makes a distinction between “legal” and “illegal” on a psychological level. The basic, animal instinct is that just like every other national group on earth, we want to be with people who are like us, and we want fewer of these people who are not like us. Every single person who voted for Donald Trump was looking around at all of these people who have buried us in the last three decades and saying “there are too many of these people, we need fewer of these people.”

And some of you will have experienced this as well: I’ve talked to a lot of Trump voters who believe that the Moslems and Indians who are here came here illegally, and who assumed that Trump was including these people when he said he was going to round up foreigners and remove them. More savvy people understand that Trump was talking about removing both legal AND illegal immigrants.

Basically, the boomer meme of “we want immigrants to be LEGAL” was basically just “we want immigrants to be WHITE,” but boomers are politically correct cowards who were afraid to say it. I think that when most of them think of “LEGAL” immigrants, they are thinking of British and Australians they met. At the very least, they are imagining much, much lower numbers of people.

Donald Trump using Charlie Kirk as an “advisor” would be analogous to Jonathan Greenblatt, the head of the Jewish-Israeli “Anti-Defamation League,” taking me on as an advisor. Charlie Kirk getting up on stage and saying he supports Donald Trump and believes in “Make America Great Again,” and then saying “we need 50 million immigrants in the next 10 years because there are too many national forests in America” would be like me getting up on stage and saying I support the Anti-Defamation League and believe in “Never Again,” and then saying “we need to build gas chambers and start exterminating Jews.”

It is incoherent, and I think it is basically so jarring that no one can really grasp the fact that it is actually happening.

Just imagine if at an ADL conference, Jonathan Greenblatt introduced me as a great person with great ideas, and then I started telling the Jewish audience that I was going to force Jews to climb trees and pretend to be roosters. The Jews would probably not be able to understand what was even happening. They would sit there baffled, and think they must have misunderstood. I think that is what is happening to the audiences of Charlie Kirk’s shows, when they go there to see someone who they hear Donald Trump supports, and he starts talking about how we need 50 million immigrants in the next ten years.

People are thunderstruck.