Charlie Kirk Announces Arizona Event with Zioclops Dan Crenshaw!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2019

Fresh off of constantly getting his entire shit completely wrecked literally nonstop, the disgusting two-eyed Israeli agent Charlie Kirk has announced a speaking engagement with the disgusting one-eyed Israeli agent Dan Crenshaw.

The November 8th Talking Points USA event at Arizona University is literally called “Prove Me Wrong.”

Prove you wrong about what, Dan?

Prove you wrong that the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty was on purpose, and the survivors are not a bunch of “anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists”?

Prove you wrong that sending billions a year to Israel is somehow in the interests of America?

Prove you wrong that America is safer after the invasions and bombings of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan and Syria?

We’ve certainly got a lot to talk about, Dan.

If you live anywhere near Palo Verde Beach, Texas, get a ticket now.

Listen, King: Things are Progressing Nicely…

Last week’s blitz on the fake American and evil traitor Charlie Kirk went brilliantly – topping it off with a weekend in which Nick Fuentes took over the TPUSA booth at Politicon, then was grabbed by police for attempting to approach Kirk, then was banned from watching Kirk’s debate filled my heart with deep happiness.

We’ve got an Ohio event coming up before the Crenshaw event, wherein “RAPE TIME” will continue – if Charlie Kirk doesn’t shut down questions completely, or start aggressively screening questions (stacking the line with his own shills).

The event has black people there.

(Get tickets here.)

It might be interesting to ask a race question.

“Rob Smith identifies as a black conservative. But Charlie Kirk has said that the white race doesn’t exist and the only thing that matters is ideas. How can black people exist if white people do not?”

And then after Charlie Kirk gives some convoluted answer, follow up with:

“So do you think it is morally wrong for white Americans to identify as white people?”

Something along those lines.

We Need to Play It by Ear…

I already know at least a half-dozen people who are going to be at Ohio State tomorrow.

If Charlie Kirk doesn’t let us ask our questions tomorrow (and really, even if he does), I’m going to say that the Crenshaw event should be peacefully disrupted, with attendees periodically shouting out questions about the USS Liberty and aid to Israel.

“America First, not Israel First!”

And of course


Because at some point, the questions are going to be shut down, and we are going to have to move to different methods.

And honestly, there is zero chance that Kirk is going to let people ask Dan Crenshaw about his allegiance to Israel.

Dan Crenshaw is being groomed by the big money Jews to be the new John McCain, and they DO NOT want him on video getting raped by groypers.

However, unlike some disgusting fat boomer fednats, who are cringe, I am not claiming credit for these glorious happenings.

I want to make it clear that this is not my show.

This is the Nick Fuentes Show.

Nick led us out of the wilderness of internet bullshit into the promised land of wrecking Charlie Kirk.

I instruct people to do whatever he instructs people to do.

But I’m voting for disruption at the Crenshaw event.

And at further events after that.

Of course, the response is that this could have a negative effect in that disrupting events is typically a leftist tactic.

But then the response to that is that Charlie is going to keep talking about “free speech” while he is refusing to engage the public with questions, which will become absurd.

And as we’ve seen, the entire “campus conservative” bit is dependent on talking points about free speech.