Charlamagne Wants to Deconstruct Biden’s System

Charlamagne is rolling hard on Big Man Joe.

Fox News:

Radio host Charlamagne tha God is pushing back one day after former Vice President Joe Biden said on his show “The Breakfast Club” that African-American voters “ain’t black” if they can’t decide whether to vote for him or incumbent President Trump.

“I see black communities all across America catching hell regardless of who is in the White House,” the radio host told The Hill on Saturday. “Because we have a bunch of underlying conditions created by systemic racism that have never been fixed.”

“The whole system needs to be dismantled and rebuilt, and he’s been a very intricate part of that system,” Charlamagne tha God — whose name is Lenard Larry McKelvey — said of Biden.

“My take away from the conversation was, I heard him talking about things that he did for black people back in the day. But you know, ‘What have you done for me lately?’ is my motto,” Charlamagne tha God said.

During the interview, which aired Friday, a Biden aide tried to end the interview and the radio host asked the former vice president to come back on the show. “It’s a long way to November. We’ve got more questions,” he said.

Biden responded: “I tell you, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

“It has nothing to do with Trump. It has to do with the fact that I want something for my community,” the host said.

I don’t think we posted the full interview with him and Biden yet, but seriously, if you didn’t watch this, watch it.

The media is reporting it wrong. He didn’t say “if you vote for Trump, you ain’t black.” As a completely separate idea, he told Charlamagne that he isn’t black, which is true, but the implication that Joe is the real black person was the weird part.

Every single Democrat has been destroyed by this show. He has made all of these people look retarded. And they must be retarded, because who goes to talk to a black person and then automatically starts talking in ebonics? Why would you ever even think of doing that? Even if you for some reason would think of doing that, do people not know that there are studies on this and black people hate it when white people do that?

It’s called “code-switching,” and even AOC has been attacked for “verbal blackface.”

I don’t understand why politicians keep going on this show.

Hillary Clinton went on Breakfast Club and did this and then started talking about hot sauce and they were like “you’re pandering to black people” and she was like “well is it working?”

Kamala Harris went on and started talking about how she listened to Snoop in the 1980s. No politician has had a good experience with this show, so it seems like it would be reasonable to skip it, despite how influential it is.

I hate Charlamagne because he’s a small nerd and he ain’t black. But honestly, he is a very good and interesting part of internet society, even if he is a fake black person who you can see is afraid of real blacks.

Joe Biden is right when he says “you ain’t black.”

Seriously, watch his interview with Gucci Mane. Charlamagne is scared to death of him.

I don’t know if Charlamagne is a Trump-supporter or what, but he is funny as hell.

He always has that look on his face like “man, I don’t even know.”