Chairman Yang Made it to the Debates! $1000/M INCOMING!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 12, 2019


Yang is in the debates, officially.

And that basically means he’s already the President of America. This is a stupid country full of stupid people, but no single person in this stupid country is stupid enough to not vote for $1000. Except boomers. But most of them are going to keel over and die when they hear about young people voting to have money stripped from Jeff Bezos so the government can pay NEETs to play video games.

We are going to come together with Bernie Bros and whichever other types of white people there are to agree once and for all that we deserve to have $1000/m deposited in our bank accounts.

Everything else is just a distraction.

Once we have 1000/m, we can easily figure out the rest of our problems. Anyone who is telling you that there is anything more important than you having $1000 is one of these things:

  1. A greedy Jew
  2. A paid MIGA shill
  3. A boomer

You deserve this money.

The Jews don’t deserve this money.

Jeff Bezos doesn’t deserve this money.

Jeff Bezos did nothing but post on a website that destroyed all of society. Why should he have the most money ever?

The money should all be ours to use on things we like.

Don’t trust that man.

Trust this man.

By the way, The Chairman appreciates all of our memes. And so does his wife.

He has the correct strategy, directly from Sun Tzu: he will deny the support of the virulent extremist right-wing to the media, then wink at us on Twitter.

Yang follows only the data. His only goal is to become president so that he can give us all $1000 a month, taken directly from Amazon, Israel and boomer IRAs.

But not everything’s good news.

“Yang Gang” hate crimes are on the rise.

Twitter user “brudda” has shared with the world what might be the first experience of a Yang Gang hate crime on American soil.

Our crack team is on it and we’ll soon have further updates about the incident, but one thing looks certain…

This is Yang country.