Chairman Xi Visits Italy For Big Bags; Snubbed Pope Francis Mourns Dead Slavepeople

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 25, 2019

There are two important things in your life:

  • Bags of money
  • Everything else

Never lose sight of what’s real.


Chinese President Xi Jinping ignored overtures by the Vatican, meeting with state leaders but avoiding Pope Francis during his visit to Rome this week.

Mr. Xi met with Italian President Sergio Mattarella, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and even made time to visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier but requested no meeting with the pope, despite several hints by the Vatican that the doors were open to a meeting. It is unusual for visiting heads of state not to see the pope when visiting Rome.

On Saturday, Italy signed up to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, a commercial alliance that has alarmed Italy’s neighbors and allies.

For its part, Italy has insisted that the deal is a win-win situation that will shore up infrastructure at ports such as Genoa and Trieste and inject new life into its ailing economy.

“We remain an ally of the U.S. and NATO, but when it’s a question of commercial relations, [signing accords] is what interests me,” said Luigi Di Maio, a deputy prime minister and leader of Italy’s Five Star Movement, following the signing ceremony.

A week ago Reuters reported that “senior Vatican sources” said that the pope had made known to the Chinese president his willingness to meet with him.

Expanding the Belt and Road Initiative to Italy makes China bags of money.

Meeting with a crusty old kiddy-diddler for a lecture about the Christianity of African cannibals?

There are no bags of money left in the nigger zoo business. The NFL cornered that market decades ago, and with Netflix, CGI and VR, it no longer makes sense for world leaders to invest in real physical open air negro zoos.

Talking to a hook-nosed “feminine penis” enthusiast who prays to Jesus that Africans don’t kill and eat each other is no way for a busy Chinese man to secure the bags.


After his weekly Angelus prayer in Saint Peter’s Square, the Pope told the thousands of pilgrims that “remembering the modern-day Calvary of our brothers and sisters persecuted or killed for their faith in Jesus is a duty of gratitude for the whole Church.”

“Let us for the many victims of the latest inhuman attacks in Nigeria and Mali,” Francis said. “May the Lord receive these victims, heal the wounded, console their families, and convert cruel hearts.”

As Breitbart News reported, Muslim militants slaughtered over 120 Christians in just three weeks in central Nigeria, looting and burning dozens of homes and churches. The Barnabas Fund, a Christian watchdog group, later corrected the number, noting that more than 300 Christians had in fact been slain in the Islamists’ “killing spree.”

In Mali, jihadists of Nusrat al-Islam, a militant organization formed by a merger of Islamists including the Saharan branch of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, AQIM, stormed an army base last Sunday, killing 16 Malian soldiers and burning the base.

Maybe the nominally Moslem spear-chuckers got riled up against the nominally Catholic banana-peelers because of Christchurch.

Or maybe it’s Africa, so things are always this way.

“Today we celebrate a day in memory of the missionary martyrs,” the pope said Sunday. “During 2018, throughout the world, numerous bishops, priests, nuns, and lay faithful suffered violence and forty missionaries were killed, almost twice as many as the previous year.”

“Remembering this modern-day Calvary of our brothers and sisters persecuted or killed because of their faith in Jesus is a duty of gratitude for the whole Church,” Francis added, “but also an incentive to courageously bear witness to our faith and our hope in Him who on the Cross has forever conquered hatred and violence with his love.”


Negro-loving pederasts like this rat-faced ass-eater must be told to fuck off.

There are no bags of money in conquering hatred and violence with love.

It’s too late for that now.