Central Park Woman Being Investigated Criminally for Being Afraid of a Black Man

It’s a clear violation of human rights to be afraid of a black person. The racist woman was clearly terrified of the black male, as evidenced by the fact that she was moving around frantically, crying and choking her dog.

In America, we have a little thing called democracy, and that means we don’t tolerate people getting afraid of blacks.

Anyone who is stupid enough to believe that blacks can be dangerous needs to take a good look at the peaceful protests happening right now in Minneapolis, and get a reality check. Despite the violence that the blacks have been subjected to, they still manage to remain peaceful.

Thinking otherwise is quite simply criminal, and I’m glad that people are now being investigated for such thoughts. We cannot possibly have a democracy if single white females are legally allowed to be afraid of black men.

Fox News:

The New York City Commission on Human Rights is investigating the white woman walking her dog in New York City who called police to report she was being threatened by “an African-American man.”

“At a time when the devastating impacts of racism in Black communities have been made so painfully clear — from racial disparities in COVID-19 outcomes, to harassment of essential workers on the frontlines — it is appalling to see these types of ugly threats directed at one New Yorker by another,” said Sapna Raj, deputy commissioner of the Law Enforcement Bureau at the Commission on Human Rights.

The verbal dispute between Amy Cooper, who has been fired by investment firm Franklin Templeton, and a black man bird watching in Central Park might normally have gone unnoticed in a city preoccupied by the coronavirus pandemic.

That changed when birdwatcher Christian Cooper pulled out his phone and captured Amy Cooper, who the Internet has nicknamed “Central Park Karen,” calling police to report she was being threatened by “an African-American man.” The widely watched video — posted on Facebook by Christian Cooper and on Twitter by his sister — has sparked accusations of racism.

“Efforts to intimidate Black people by threatening to call law enforcement draw on a long, violent and painful history, and they are unacceptable. We encourage Ms. Cooper to cooperate with the Commission and meaningfully engage in a process to address the harm that she has caused,” Raj added in a statement.

The Commission on Human Rights has asked Amy Cooper for her full cooperation.

“The Commission has the authority to fine violators of the law and can award compensatory damages to victims, including emotional distress damages and other benefits,” according to its statement. “The Commission can also order trainings on the NYC Human Rights Law, changes to policies, and develop restorative justice relief such as community service and mediated apologies, in lieu of or in addition to fines and monetary relief.”

The confrontation began early Monday morning when Christian Cooper said he noticed Amy Cooper had let her cocker spaniel off its leash against the rules in the Ramble, a secluded section of Central Park popular with birdwatchers.

In a Facebook post, he claimed the dog was “tearing through the plantings” and he told her she should go to another part of the park. When she refused, he pulled out dog treats, causing her to scream at him to not come near her dog.

Amy Cooper also warned him she would summon police unless he stopped recording.

“I’m going to tell them there’s an African-American man threatening my life,” Amy Cooper is heard saying in the video as she pulls down her face mask and struggles to control her dog.

The black man is apparently a good boy.

That having been said, this is truly an Orwellian situation.

I’m the number one person you will find criticizing white women like that in the video. She’s a used up thirty-something with no kids living in New York City, and I can guarantee you that she is, in any other circumstance, on the front line of fighting against “racism.”

However, there is a reality that every woman knows, and that is that a lone black male is scary, no matter how politically correct you are. Such a figure is scary because of basic pattern recognition. Blacks are responsible for virtually all violent crime, and if you get in a position where you’re alone with one, he might decide to rob you or rape you, or just kill you for no reason. It literally happens every day. There is not a single day that goes by that a black male doesn’t rape and murder a white woman.

Complaining about this Central Park “event,” the New York Times’ house negro Charles M. Blow has a piece up about how white women commit terrorism against black men by inciting white men to lynch them.

He goes back to 1903, talking about a Mississippi politician who said some mean things about black people in order to justify his claims about white women being part of a conspiracy to hurt black men for no reason.

Meanwhile, I don’t have to go back over 100 years to show that black men are a clear and present danger to white people, and that they violently attack us every chance they get. I can just go to last week, when footage of a black supremacist extremist was released, showing him beating up old white people in a nursing home. This event got nowhere near the amount of media coverage that this stupid Central Park non-event is getting, which is truly incredible, and absolute proof that the media has an extreme agenda to hurt white people.

Or I can go back to a few hours ago, when the blacks in Minneapolis were rioting and looting and decided to beat the hell out of an old white woman in a wheelchair.

It is utterly bizarre to claim that whites are a violent threat to blacks. It’s something akin to claiming that sheep are a violent threat to wolves. It is literally alternate reality material.

The black male who scared the woman at the park is supposedly a nice person and a professional and wasn’t going to rape or murder her, according to media reports. He was however obviously looking to go viral on social media as the victim of a white person, hence his filming of the event and posting it on social media. So is it impossible that he was indeed purposefully acting in such a way as to make her more afraid than she otherwise would have been?

When the recording starts, the woman is clearly terrified. Single white women in the big city are always unhinged, and often living in a constant state of agitation, so I could believe he didn’t provoke her, but I could also believe he did. What’s more, the condescending and aggressive way he’s speaking to her when the recording is rolling could be considered intimidating. Either way, she was legitimately afraid, which I think is the point here, and the idea of punishing her for that, both by firing her, and now by investigating her for some sort of thought crime, is just really almost unimaginable.

The average American I do not think is aware of just how insane this has all gotten. We are supposed to have freedom in this country. But it’s now illegal for a single woman, scared in a park, to call the cops on a man who is intimidating her? And the claim is that the hysterical white woman was intimidating the black man? That’s the criminal charge? When a man comes up to a woman in a park, if she calls the cops on him for making her afraid, it’s the woman that is doing the intimidating?

I’m very tired of feminism, and I honestly think these women are getting what they deserve, but the idea of any woman intimidating any man is ridiculous. At any point in this interaction, the man had the option to walk away, and yet he chose to stand there filming the woman. And… look, I don’t even know what else to say about this. We are in a mirror world, where apparently a black man can come up to a lone white woman in the park and begin intimidating her and when she calls the cops on him she’s criminally investigated for intimidation.

This is clearly designed to make an example of this woman, but the question is: what is the example? I guess it’s just “black people are sacred in our society, you can’t ever do anything that might offend them, and if you get scared of a black, you’d better not call the cops because you’ll be charged criminally.”

You’d think feminists would be coming out right now and stating the obvious: that this is going to make women afraid to call the cops in situations where a man could be dangerous. But feminists won’t do that. Because the only thing feminists care about is harming white men, meaning they don’t care about this situation.

As the police state being initiated by the coronavirus hoax continues to negate the rule of law in America, you’re going to start seeing increasingly bizarre uses of the state to manipulate the fabric of society for weird purposes.