Central Americans Living in Mexico Demand Americans Vote for a Democrat So They Can Flood US

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2020

Can you believe the way these foreigners are attempting to meddle in our election?

How dare they have a preference for an American politician.

Foreigners having opinions on American elections is pure evil.

Washington Examiner:

Latin American migrants eager to enter the United States but held in Mexico are praying for President Trump’s election defeat in 2020, believing that a Democratic president will open the borders again.

“I want Trump out,” said Honduran Katherine Cabrera, who is being held in Tapachula, Mexico, with her baby.

“Once Trump is defeated, and the Democrats take over, things are going to get better,” added El Salvadoran Brenda Ramos.

The comments from Ramos and Cabrera and others were included in a Center for Immigration Studies border report on the attitudes held by migrants under the U.S.-Mexico initiative to stop unchecked illegal immigration.

The report found that instead of staying home, thousands of immigrants are “gambling” that it is worth staying in Mexican migrant camps in hopes Trump and his policies will go away.

Todd Bensman, the center’s senior national security fellow, wrote, “Dozens of politically woke migrants, like Honduran Wilson Valladaras, recently told CIS their decisions to stay in Mexico were predicated on the Trump-defeat gamble. Valladaras said he would wait for his Mexican asylum approval, move to Tijuana ‘until Trump leaves,’ and then cross over the U.S. border when the Democrats undo his policies because ‘right now, the Americans will throw you back’ to Mexico.”

One of the reasons illegal crossings and apprehensions are down is because of the administration’s “remain in Mexico” program, part of the “Migrant Protection Protocols” that requires asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for a green light from the U.S.

Trump allowed more immigrants to enter America than any other president in all of this country’s history, both in terms of total numbers and in terms of per capita.

But these wetbacks are right that he is doing a better job than any of the current round of Democrats would do.

George W. Bush was worse on immigration than Obama, but that was when both parties pretty much agreed that a massive invasion of illiterate farm peasants from Latin America was a negative event.

These days, views have changed. The big business interests who have lobbied for decades for mass immigration have successfully used the media to create a large body of people who support their agenda. These brainwashed retards who believe they’re promoting socialism while they push for the policies of multinational corporations have combined with the brown people and now they control the direction of the Democrat Party.

This is to say that whichever Democrat comes next will be worse than Trump on immigration.

Except maybe Bernie?

He’s got a record of being good on immigration, and during the 2016 election, he was calling out mass immigration as a policy of the Koch Brothers.

He’s backed off on a lot of his better positions, such as his strong advocacy of gun rights and his desire to replace the US military with militias. And he’s gone along with the identity politics bullshit, which includes immigration.

But it isn’t like he actually changed his mind about any of this stuff. He’s nearly 80 years old. People don’t flip their positions on things in their 70s.

So there is at least a chance you’d get a decent immigration policy from Bernie. He understands that this is a big business agenda and he certainly understands that you can’t combine all of these extravagant social welfare programs he’s pushing with open borders.

Conversely, you could basically just give everyone free everything and make Jeff Bezos pay for it if you closed the borders and started sending these people back and replaced the military with militias.

In a perfect world, Bernie could just hold a “my son, you must choose” referendum and say “do you want free healthcare, free housing, free college and student loan forgiveness or do you want a bunch more brown people?”

Again, the current Democrat position on mass invasion isn’t the result of some kind of organic sentiment. It is an agenda that was sold to the people by multinational corporations.

It’s not something that would be hard to just get rid of. Because no one really gives a shit about brown people. They just care about feeling good and feeling like they’re good people, who think all the right things. If their communist leader gets up and says “we’ve got enough brown people in this country,” they’ll be like “YEAH HE’S RIGHT – WE SHOULD BUILD A WALL TO KEEP THEM OUT!”

Of course, it wouldn’t actually happen like that.

I’m just saying that it could happen like that.