Census: White Population Shrinks While Hispanic, Black and Asian Populations Increase

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 22, 2019

The clock is ticking.

Daily Mail:

The non-Hispanic white population of the U.S. has shrunk for the second year in a row, according to newly released Census data.

In the year through July 1, 2018, the white population decreased by 152,386, while the Hispanic population increased by 1,164,289 and the black population grew by 321,955, according to new population estimates released on Thursday by the Census Bureau.

Asians were the fastest growing racial group on a percentage basis, shooting up 2.63 percent for the year, or an absolute gain of 479,755.

The estimates in population growth, which are updated yearly, are a net figure that includes births, deaths and net migration. The Census does not distinguish how much of the growth is due to migration versus births.

The prior year through July 2017 was the first time that the nation’s white population shrank, a trend that is expected to continue as white birth rates lag behind deaths.

The data shows that the nation’s white population is aging rapidly, and that white Americans continue to delay starting a family.

Whites are not even making enough babies to maintain our numbers. There are less of us and more of them, and even more of them are coming our way right now while others are already showing up at the border as you read this.

The birthrates are just one part of the problem. The other part of the problem is that America is getting invaded by all kinds of nonwhites.

Trying to out-breed these creatures is futile. They just keep coming and we don’t get the kind of aid that they get here because we’re the ones paying for everything. There’s no one to pay for our stuff.

If you could ask random Americans from back before the Great Depression why they paid taxes and why they cared about their country, I’m pretty sure none of them would respond with “because I want to leave a great country and a strong economy for browns and blacks from all around the world.”

Why are we letting these freeloaders come to profit from the efforts of previous generations of whites?

The people who made this country great weren’t thinking about the grandchildren of some random brown jungle people when they worked their asses off.

It’s beyond disrespectful to throw away their legacy just to avoid being called mean names and dealing with the tantrums and tears of brown kids.

I don’t want the effort of our ancestors to be forgotten. I want to honor their memory by building upon what they’ve created with so much effort.

We can’t do that if we throw it all away.