Census Data: Fewer Whites Than Expected Even! Five Million Disappeared Whites!

Whites are down five million in the new census.

This story is from yesterday.

I was going to write about it and then I was like: “what do I actually have to say about this?”

I could say “oh look – I was right again!”

But why?

Everyone gets that by now – I’m generally right about everything.

I guess the real thing you would want to analyze here would be the way the media has pumped this story up, which appears to be designed to demoralize white people.

The right is maybe using it to stir outrage.

Tucker killed it, as he does.

There’s obviously more to say about this, including about the Tucker segment.

But today, I’m busy celebrating the Taliban’s victory over women.

It just feels so great to finally have someone winning against the rising tide of vaginal supremacy.

It’s also why we’re missing five million white people, of course: blame that on stupid whores who would rather get gang-fucked by niggers than marry an honest man.

Sorry, but that is simply true.