Censorship Machine is Cracking Down on “Joe and the Hoe” Memes!

The old saying “if you’re catching flak that means you’re over the target” applies to those calling out Kamala Harris as a whore who sucked her way to the top, destroying at least one marriage in the process – they are catching a lot of flak.

We wrote on Wednesday that right-wingers need to stop talking about the fact that Kamala Harris is a “far-left socialist” and start talking about her sexual behavior.

Rush Limbaugh told this story, and it resulted in massive calls to have him banned from speaking publicly. Rush has been on the air for nearly four decades, and this is what they’re trying to silence him over. Because this is a major soft spot. “Far-left socialist” doesn’t really mean much to most people. Conversely, “she literally got two promotions in her twenties while sleeping with a married man in his fifties and no one would know who this woman was if it wasn’t for those promotions – her entire career is based on sucking dick,” is very clear and understood by everyone.

Rush coined the obvious meme “Joe and the Hoe.”

Now, the censorship machine is moving to shut that meme down.

The Guardian:

Amazon has removed a clothing line emblazoned with an offensive slogan referring to Kamala Harris from its website after complaints from Twitter users who branded it “unacceptable”.

The T-shirts, tank tops and hoodies which had the words “Joe and the hoe” written in red, white and blue in the style of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate Harris’s campaign logo, were on sale for between $24.99 and $42.99.

The derogatory phrase was also recently adopted by the conservative radio host and friend of Donald Trump Rush Limbaugh, who has a history of making abusive comments about the senator.

The removal of the items followed pressure from Twitter users who urged people to complain to the retail giant.

“Let @amazon know this is unacceptable,” wrote @LesaPamplin, a criminal defence attorney from Texas, with a screengrab of the clothing. “We are not sitting idly by and taking this bullshit.”

An Amazon spokesperson said on Wednesday that the products had been removed, adding: “All sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who do not will be subject to action including potential removal of their account.”

The situation nowadays is that Andrew Anglin cannot go viral. Andrew Anglin is banished to a dark corner. However, Andrew Anglin still has a large readership – it’s just that that readership is not normal people anymore. It is a group of intelligent people who appreciate the ideas. Aside from the teenagers I’m grooming, it’s a lot of journalists, writers and influencers, as well as successful community people.

I can speak to those people freely about strategy, because there is a media blackout on this site now, and they don’t report what “the top white supremacist” is doing anymore.

All of you need to listen very closely: this is the soft spot. The “white woman” demographic is important here, and many of them do not like Donald Trump, because they are complete cunts. People keep saying “he’s going to lose white women” – but the fact is, he didn’t really ever have them.

He allegedly got 52% of white women. There is some dispute about that.

If it was 52%, that is a very slim majority, and it’s unlikely to be maintained this year, with these stupid whores being bombarded with materials saying that they’re evil and against the precious blacks if they vote Trump.

While Donald is out in the fields of eternity chasing Jew Kushner’s incomprehensible plan to get black people to vote for Trump, those of us living in reality need to focus on the easily manipulated demographic of front-holes.

Here’s a brief list of things Aryan Beauties either don’t care about or outright support:

  • Socialism
  • The coronavirus hoax
  • Black people
  • Mass immigration
  • Foreign wars

Here’s one thing that I promise you they do care about:

Seriously, people: watch Mean Girls. You will learn more from that movie than from six million PUA blogs.

If we establish that a vote for Joe is a vote for a Kamala presidency, then we establish that this woman sucked dick for promotions AND wrecked the marriage of the guy whose dick she was sucking, women are going to react to this. They might not all vote for Trump instead, but they’re going to have an excuse to not show up.

These people rambling about how Kamala is a far-left socialist who will take away people’s AR-15s are controlled opposition. They’re either after ratings or they’re purposefully distracting you. No one who is opposed to socialism is voting for Kamala Harris. People who think about that sort of thing are extremely politically engaged, and they don’t need to be reached by memes or soundbites.

This is going to be an extremely close election. We have to focus on the groups that can be swung, and the biggest group that can be swung is white women.

Beyond that, it would be ideal to suppress the black vote as much as possible.

For several elections, blacks have been voting as much or more than white people. This is because these “community organizers” will come and pick them up in vans and drive them to the polls. They probably give them free food, or something else illegal.

However, of the popular slogans of the negro people, coming in just behind “I didn’t even do nothing” is “ain’t nobody got time for that.” Despite the fact that black people are not employed, and they’re not in education or training, they always seem to be very busy with whatever it is they’re doing. If they’re not super-excited – as they were for Barack Obama – they’re not going to vote. The more black people know about Kamala Harris, the less excited they are going to be.

Literally, all you need to do is get a significant portion of them to dislike her enough that they say, “mayyyyyyyn, ah got shit to dooo. Ah caint be goin standin in dat muffuggen lan.”

Seeding this information in the black community using Twitter and other outlets should not be that hard for people with the time to do it.

Because no one understands without me explicitly showing them every single detail of what I’m talking about, here you go, I made a 2020 black suppression meme:

I understand that meme is probably not formatted correctly, but you get the point. Make memes like this and figure out a way to spread them. There are black groups that will spread them for you if you can make memes that black people like. There is also the likelihood of getting black celebrities to post about it.

Notice that I used the voice of a black person trying to use correct grammar. You don’t do ebonics in the memes. Well, you can, depending on what it is, but if you’re trying to do a talented tenth black person warning the rest of the blacks, it’s an attempt at correct grammar (but a failed attempt).

Note the way that I walked them through the thought process, leading them to the conclusion that they should not support her because she is against black people. They will no doubt agree with someone else who says “okay, but Joe Biden is saying he’s going to give us way more money.” But this is just about sowing doubt, making it so on the day of the election, they say, and I quote: “Man, I got shit to do.”


The entire future of earth is riding on this election.

Everyone needs to do something.

The major thing they do not need to do is babble endlessly about how much of a leftist Kamala is. People need to target the vulnerable demographics.

To recap:

  1. White women and probably other races of women also will take issue with both Kamala sucking dick for promotions and wrecking a home in the process.
  2. Black people will dislike everything about Kamala, in particular the fact that she isn’t really black, she is a Hindu and she locked a bunch of them up for weed.

Also, nearly every black was raised by a single mother, and I think the image of the old woman who Willie Brown left for Kamala (her name is Blanche Vitero) will hit them pretty hard.

Here’s a picture of her young with the kids:

Bloody hell, I just noticed that baby’s feet.

No, no – never mind that.

This is serious business here, people.

We need to win this election.

Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro and the rest of Fox News are purposefully using talking points that will only appeal to people who are already going to vote for Trump. (They are talking about the dementia, which is a good talking point, but everyone probably gets that by now.)

The internet won the first election, and we’re going to have to win this one too.

Get in the game.

We’re all at home. Start making memes, start figuring out ways to target the correct demographics with the correct information.