Cenk Uygur Calls for Red-Brown Alliance Against Corporate Overlords

Cenk Uygur, the leader of The Young Turks, a failed communist group from Turkey which was resurrected in America in the mid-2000s, is calling for an alliance with racists and neo-Nazis to fight against corporate overlords.

I’m 100% in support of this, if it is in fact as straightforward as he is making it seem.

Above all, I will align with anyone who wants to:

  • Stop private companies from censoring political speech
  • Stop private companies from forcing people to be vaccinated
  • Stop private companies from building a technetronic control grid
  • Stop the total consolidation of power in the hands of a tiny elite minority of people who bypass civil rights using various types of legal fiction
  • Regulating monopolies, generally

I would also be interested in an alliance just against “the ultra-rich” in general.

All that having been said: I do not believe for an instant that anyone on the left actually cares about these issues.

All these people care about is destroying society. They want everyone to go full-anal, they want child trannies, they want a total browning of the country, BLM race hoaxes, and so on. Now, most of them are vaxx maniacs, and want forced vaccination and eternal masks. And the corporations all back this agenda.

The modern left is simply a creation of the ultra-rich.

As I’ve said many times, I would not align myself with a corporate oligopoly and a technetronic control grid even if they supported my social agenda of beating and raping women, mass deportations of all nonwhites, and throwing homosexuals off of roofs. A deal to surrender all personal freedoms in exchange for totalitarian enforcement of a social agenda is the epitome of a deal with the devil.

But the left has already made that deal.

Cenk’s followers are rebelling against this suggestion of his.

One person said: “people on the right care way more about social issues than economy issues.”

Firstly, that is much more true of the left. Secondly, the difference is that our social issues are tied to economic issues. We are being forced into a vaxxed-out feminist-Islamic-tranny society by the corporate overlords. The economic powers that be are pushing the leftist social agenda, so all these leftists are required to do is sit back and roll with it.

The right, on the other hand, is forced to fight the entire establishment – because everything is against us.

Ultimately, leftists would all see attacking the corporate overlords as attacking their own benefactors. None would go along with this. The discussion is stupid.

I’ll just say again: I am 100% ready to take Cenk up on his offer. But I also know that there is zero chance anything will happen.

People will point to TYT enemy Jimmy Dore as an example of a “leftist” who wants to work with the right wing on populist issues – well, go check out Dore’s audience. Just like with Glenn Greenwald or Alex Berenson, 99-100% of the commenters on any platform are right-wing.

Dore and the rest of these “communist right-wingers” primarily serve a role as feeding the fantasy of right-wingers that there is some remnant of the hardcore “classical liberal” left that would want to align with them. That’s the reason they are popular – because of all the right-wingers following them, and imagining that they represent some body of people other than right-wingers (which none of us has ever met otherwise).

Once again: I’m not against this is theory. I’m just telling you that in practice, it is not ever going to happen, and even talking about it is ridiculous.

To be a left-winger in current year means that you are a sycophantic submissive who worships institutionalized state and corporate power. That’s all.