Celebrities Respond to Hostile Takeover of America by Donald Trump

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2017

During the speech last night, celebrities were tweeting.

There is absolutely no reason to believe that these people have any knowledge about anything other than whatever it is actors do. Their opinion should not be worth more than the opinion of a plumber or a used car salesman.

Charlie Sheen, you used to be funny. Even if you are a GRIDS-ridden kike. I’ll never forget when you trolled the Alex Jones show while high on cocaine. It was beautiful. But look at what you’ve become. Has the GRIDS changed you?

Sarah Silverman, you were never funny. Just a kike. Thank you for not breeding.

Just because you play a magic negro on TV doesn’t mean that you are one or that they even exist in real life, Jeffrey.

Hey Patton – how’s the wife and kids?

Thanks, Arsenio. He is indeed.

I don’t know what that – my god, Michael – is that a nigger joke?

Yes. As in “double great.” Why does this confuse you, Whoopi? Is it your 80 IQ?

Yeah that’s… people don’t care about that. It’s failed the A/B test. Invent new attacks.

Yeah, and you’re a slant-eyed gook who endorses pederasty. Nobody’s perfect.


That’s like you had some idea for a joke then forgot what it was and then typed it anyway, Bill.

How’s those ratings coming, T-Dog?

Yeah, maybe. I guess. Meh.

Oh hey Maria, how’s your husband’s Mexican child doin – oh wait. Thanks, Maria. Good on you.