Celebrities Proudly Confess to Murdering Their Unborn Babies on Social Media

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 18, 2019

Women are herd mammals. When lacking firm, direct guidance, they operate based on whatever they perceive the general consensus to be.

Celebrities celebrating abortion is a great boost to their Moloch-supporting beliefs. These women have authority through their fame and are actively promoting an unashamed view on the practice of murdering unborn children for the sole reason of it being a convenient thing for the pregnant woman to do.

In reality, by openly talking with pride about their abortions, these women declare that they were too incompetent to manage their own bodies and prevent an unwanted pregnancy in the first place — but they’re too dumb, or perhaps too high on this so-called empowerment, to realize that.


Many people think they don’t know anyone who’s had an abortion, actress and TV host Busy Philipps tweeted earlier this week, “but #youknowme.”

So, she urged, “let’s share it and start to end the shame.” On her E! show “Busy Tonight,” she shared her own story of her abortion when she was 15. “I’m telling you this because I’m genuinely really scared for women and girls all over the country,” she said.

Check some of the Tweets using that hashtag.

You go girl.

What about the one you killed though?

By the way: Madeleine Albright is Jewish.

Obese monstrosity Tess Holliday also shared some Menstrual Wisdom:

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‪#YouKnowMe- ‬ ‪I’m from Mississippi, living in California, married with 2 kids, & I had an abortion. ‬ If I was still down south, I might not have been able to get the abortion I wanted & needed. My mental health couldn’t handle being pregnant again & I made the best decision for ME & ultimately my family. It wasn’t the “easy thing to do”, it was excruciating on many levels, but necessary. Do I regret it or question my choice? Not at all. – I’m not alone either. Did you know the majority of abortions in Alabama in 2017 were already parents? Did you know 1-4 women have had an abortion? This isn’t something that only affects women either, In the words of my friend @alokvmenon: “Abortion is a queer issue. Abortion is a trans issue. Abortion is a non-binary issue. A lot of people still mistakenly believe that only cis women & heterosexual people can get pregnant / have abortions & this rhetoric erases queer women, trans men, and non-binary people who have a disproportionately difficult time accessing abortions.” .. – Abortion is healthcare & folx living down south need safe access to abortions. I just donated to @yellowfund which is a grassroots organization funding safe abortion access in Alabama & if you can, please consider donating to them or @abortionfunds, @prochoiceamerica, @sistersong_woc ❤️ Don’t let these old white men tell us what we should do with our bodies. #prochoice #abortionisahumanright

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Actress Minka Kelly reminded people that “women do not get pregnant alone.”

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When I was younger I had an abortion. It was the smartest decision I could’ve made, not only for myself & my boyfriend at the time, but also for this unborn fetus. For a baby to’ve been born to two people — too young and completely ill equipped — with no means or help from family, would have resulted in a child born into an unnecessary world of struggle. Having a baby at that time would have only perpetuated the cycle of poverty, chaos and dysfunction I was born into. Forcing a child to be born to a mother who isn’t ready, isn’t financially stable, was raped, a victim of incest (!!), isn’t doing that theoretical child any favors. For those of you insisting abortion is murder, and to Rep. Terri Collins who said “an unborn baby is a person who deserves love and attention” — forget bringing up the mother might be in need of some “love and attention.” What do you think happens to these kids who end up bouncing around in foster care, live on government assistance because the mother has no help, can’t afford childcare while she works a minimum wage job, and is trapped in a cycle of trying to survive on the meager government assistance so many of you same pro-lifers are determined to also take away. If you insist on forcing women to carry to term, why do you refuse to talk about comprehensive sex-ed, the maternal mortality rate, free daycare, paid maternity leave? Our lives, traumas & family planning is for no one to decide but us. Certainly not a group of old white men. Speaking of men… With all this punishment for women I wonder where all the punishment is for the men in this scenario. By looking at the photo of all the men who are making this mess, I find it hard to believe that if it were the autonomy of a man's body, health and life in question, I cant help but be certain we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place. I appreciate seeing men speak up on this issue – women do not get pregnant alone. Lest we forget, outlawing abortion has never stopped women from attempting it. @abortionfunds @yellowfund & @EmergeAmerica @emilys_list @runforsomethingnow who work 2 elect pro-choice candidates. #YouKnowMe

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Abortion has always been a retarded topic that we’re forced to hear about because we’ve given women rights, and they think they can decide things even though they constantly fail miserably at doing that.

See, of course women do not get pregnant alone, but a woman’s body is the one with the uterus and vagina, so if women are supposed to be independent and able to make decisions over their own bodies, they should also be able to deal with the consequences of those decisions.

Not getting pregnant when not wanting to get pregnant is easy: they just have to keep their legs closed. If they want to have sex, the Jews have made available for them a whole lot of tools to sterilize themselves so they can whore around without consequences. Women can take the fornication pill and only have sex using condoms. They can get a IUD, they can use spermicidal stuff on top of that, they can use multiple methods at the same time and, for those really serious about their whoring, there’s tubal ligation.

Discussing abortion in the context of oopsies is insane because of the sheer amount of instances and tools women have to prevent pregnancies.

Asking for the right to abort is asking for the right to escape the consequences of their actions.

This doesn’t mean that abortion should be outlawed. Retards, the deformed, mutants, the sick, mongrels and other cases should totally be killed before or after they’re born — it doesn’t really matter.

When discussing abortion, what we’re really discussing — what is really at the core of the argument — is whether or not women should be able to escape the consequences of their decisions. This inevitably requires reviewing the whole “women should be allowed to make decisions” bit.