Celebrating Non-Whites in Public Service for Watermelon History Month

Daily Stormer
February 28, 2017

There are just too many non-Whites in public service today, especially in law enforcement. Now I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking “Azz, exactly how many is too many?”

Obviously, one is too many, but that ship sailed long ago. Today, let’s focus on the racial equality that’s going on with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.

But first, a disclaimer: I do not endorse the channel or the people who uploaded this video, and their purpose in uploading it is entirely different from my reasons for posting it here.

What do we see going on in this video? This is the Dallas County court complex, where all of the county and district courts are, as well as the giant zoo known as The Lew Sterrett Justice Center, aka The Dallas County Jail, or at least the main jail facility. Dallas county is so full of criminal blacks and beaners that they require tons of warehouse space for them, so they have converted everything from a luxury hotel once owned by Doris Day and frequented by The Beatles to a New Holland Tractor factory into extra mud people storage.

What we have here is some young, apparently White guy, whose age is yet to be determined, who fancies himself an “activist.” Whether he is purely an anti-cop activist, or just an open government type, he was doing nothing wrong in these videos, IMHO. We pay for these people and the facilities in which they work, and they are given authority over the citizenry, so it’s good to have video of them doing their thing. If not for such video, no one would believe you when you tell them that retarded Negresses and foreigners who can barely speak English, if at all, are the bulk of an entire county’s law enforcement.

And what do we get for that money and that trust? We get obese, ooking, ape-like blacks who proudly chase young White people, trying to steal their cameras and taking off their belts, threatening to “beat dey asses muhfuggah,” in uniform, with pride!

And we get African savages who can barely form a thought more complex than “muh dik” if their lives depended on it, ordering citizens off public property with zero legal authority to do so.

And what is up with this goofy, lying zipperhead? Does he think he’s still in Red China?

The Jews did this.

I remember, way back in the stone age of the 1970s, when the courts upheld a rule that the Texas DPS, which is what we call our State Troopers, could no longer enforce their height and fitness rules. All State Troopers were required to be over six feet tall and had rigorous fitness standards, as they were our most elite large law enforcement agency, and their image was the image of Texas LEOs in general, not to mention the practical aspects of having tall, fit, well-educated and professional state police.

One day I saw one of the first hires under the new federally enforced diversity regime. I went into some store and there were two DPS officers in there. One was of the type to which I’d been accustomed my entire life. A sergeant, probably around 6’3″, lean, fit, looking for all the world like a Matt Dillon type sheriff if not for the khaki DPS uniform, and he had a trainee in tow. It was a squatty black woman with her pants skin tight, to better showcase her disgusting behemoth of a backside. She had a tiny cowboy hat atop her head, and her giant afro made it look like a little boat floating on an ocean of brillo. I remember thinking they should just get rid of the uniforms and have them all wear clown costumes.

Needless to say, the quality of our peace-keeping apparatuses has been in rapid decline ever since.

Our cops are, as the great Commander Rockwell says in the above video, the enforcers of law and order. And these things are being consciously destroyed. They want to destroy the police department because it’s all that stands between us and the Jews, the angry minorities, and the violent communists.

Looks to me like the Dallas County Sheriff’s department can be filed in their “Mission Accomplished” folder. These lowbrow sub humans do not care one bit about law and order, and in my experience, most of them hate Whitey as badly as the average BLM groid in the street.

But I could be wrong, and it is Black History Month, so let’s all be tolerant just this once and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of Black people by watching this uplifting, racially diverse video!