CDC Warns That the Vaccine Doesn’t Work Anymore

The level of accuracy with which I have predicted every single phase of this process just makes me sick.

What do the Science believers say when they find out that I said before the vaxx was even released that they would eventually announce that it actually doesn’t even work?

Is that supposed to be a coincidence? Do I have magic powers?

USA Today:

Immunity to COVID-19 from vaccines might be declining over time as the highly contagious delta variant surges across the country, according to new research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A study released Tuesday showed vaccine effectiveness decreased among health care workers who were fully vaccinated since the time that the delta variant became widespread, which could be due to waning effectiveness of the vaccine over time, the higher transmissibility of the delta variant or other factors, experts said.

The CDC said the trend should also be “interpreted with caution” because a decline in vaccine effectiveness could be due to “poor precision in estimates due to limited number of weeks of observation and few infections among participants.”

second study found about a quarter of COVID-19 cases between May and July in Los Angeles were breakthrough cases, but that hospitalizations were significantly lower for those who had been vaccinated. Unvaccinated people were more than 29 times more likely to be hospitalized than vaccinated people, and about five times more likely to be infected.

(Those numbers are just being pulled out of nowhere. To this day, no one knows someone hospitalized with the virus, but we all know people who were hospitalized for the vaxx.)

The studies show the importance of being fully vaccinated, because the benefit of being vaccinated when it comes to hospitalization did not decline even with the recent wave, Dr. Eric Topol, a professor of molecular medicine and vice president for research at the Scripps Research Institute, told USA TODAY.

A booster shot is expected to be available to fully vaccinated Americans who got their second dose at least eight months prior beginning Sept. 20, according to the White House.

That’s too long to wait, Topol said. Based on the research, Topol said immunity may begin to go down at around the five- or six-month mark, leaving vaccinated people more vulnerable to infection.

“If you wait until eight months, you’re two or three months vulnerable while delta is circulating. Whatever you’re doing in life, unless you live in a cave, you’re getting incremental exposures,” Topol said.

So what is the schedule going to be?

We now know it’s going to be less than eight months.

It was originally “forever,” then it was “maybe every year.”

Are they going to give monthly shots?


Why are they developing cardboard beds that can be turned into coffins?

Does that bode well, in the context of the claim that more and more vaccines are just going to keep being more and more efficient, and that really the big problem is people who are unvaccinated?

What I said, from the beginning, was that once they got you to accept the vaccine, in order to keep the show going, they would invent new viruses or variants of the same virus, lock down again, and then start demanding you take new vaccines.

If you signed up to take the vaccine, you also signed up to take all future vaccines. You enrolled in a subscription.