CDC Says Agressive Tracking of People is the Only Way to Return to Normal Life

“Stay still while I scan your immunity certificate.”

Abandon all hope of the media and the government admitting that coronavirus is literally just the flu.

Renowned experts and institutions are betting their reputations on the hysteria.

Daily Mail:

The CDC has warned that the only way the US can return to normal life is through aggressive contact tracing – but it will need an ‘army of healthcare workers’ to be able to do this.

CDC Director Robert Redfield said the health agency is working on a plan for the nation to come out the other side of the pandemic and scale back social distancing measures once the outbreak has been brought under control.

This plan involves very aggressive‘ contact tracing, finding people who have tested positive for coronavirus and tracking down everyone they have come into contact with and possibly infected until an entire chain of transmission is traced and eliminated.

It will also require the nation to ramp up testing for the virus, Redfield said.

It is going to be very aggressive – what I call block and tackle, block and tackle,’ Redfield told NPR Thursday of the focus on contact tracing.

“Very aggressive contact tracing” means that the government has to know, at all times, who you’re interacting with, who you’ve interacted with, where you are, the places you’ve been, and pretty much everything you do because you may be carrying literally just the flu the zombie virus.

However, Redfield warned that the US will need an ‘army’ of healthcare workers to be able to conduct contact tracing on the scale needed for the US to reopen.

‘We are going to need a substantial expansion of public health field workers and it is going to be critical,’ he said.

‘We can’t afford to have multiple community outbreaks that can spiral up into sustained community transmission.’

The CDC has already deployed a SWOT team of around 600 workers across the nation to help states prepare for this shift.

‘We have over 600 people in the field right now from CDC in all the states trying to help with this response, but we are going to have to substantially amplify that,’ said Redfield.

Redfield admitted that the federal government will need to draft in support for state and local public health departments.

He said the plan was ‘far along’ but did not divulge details of how the CDC will solve the issue.

‘We’re definitely in the middle of all of that,’ he said.

‘Obviously if we’re going to try to get the nation back to work shortly after the end of this month we’re far along on this planning process.’

He did not rule out the use of technology such as cellphone data to trace patients’ contacts, NPR reported.

People are looking at all the different modern technology that could be brought to bear to make contact tracing more efficient and effective,’ he said.

‘Are there more tech-savvy ways to be more comprehensive in contact tracing? Currently these things are under aggressive evaluation.’

As well as contact tracing, Redfield reinforced the view that testing also needs to be ramped up ‘to make sure that when we open up, we open up for good,‘ Redfield said.

On top of openly turning all smartphones into spying devices, the government will start regularly performing invasive and humiliating tests on the population.

It won’t stop there though.

They’ll also fill the streets and workplaces with a multitude of cameras and microphones to monitor people’s movements under the pretense of listening for coughs and sneezes and “tracking contact.”

Oh, and don’t forget vaccines.

People will be required to get vaccinated in order to have a life outside their homes, and to provide proof of immunity.

“Your immunity certificate. Now.”

Who would have thought that the only thing needed to go full science fiction dystopia without people pushing back was just forcing the media to cover a regular flu outbreak with plenty of details?