CDC Renews Eviction Ban, Continuing the Process of Abolishing Private Property

Why is the Centers for Disease Control in charge of housing in the first place?

Are we under some kind of medical dictatorship?


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a new federal eviction moratorium on Tuesday.

The eviction ban will be targeted at areas of the country experiencing high levels of coronavirus infections and will last for 60 days until Oct. 3. The protection could cover around 90% of renters.

The CDC’s original eviction ban, which had been in effect since September 2020, expired on July 31.

More than 11 million Americans remain behind on their rent, and the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread. Research has found evictions lead to a spike in virus cases and deaths.

Listen to the science.

Hear it whispering: “do communism.”

The White House previously had said it couldn’t extend the eviction ban again after the Supreme Court ruled in June that the policy could only be renewed through legislation.

It’s unclear how the court will respond to this new moratorium, but it could at least buy states and cities more time to distribute the $45 billion in rental assistance allocated by Congress. Just around $3 billion of that money had reached households by the end of June.

The court will do what the court is told to do, as we’ve seen repeatedly over the last year and a half.

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Telling property owners they have no right to evict someone from their property (that they own) effectively means that the government has abolished private property rights.

They acted like this was a temporary measure for an alleged “emergency,” but everyone knew they were going to extend it, as they look to push off some of the pressures of the economic collapse onto private property owners.

We’re going to be dealing with mass homelessness either way in the near future, but the government is trying to stretch this out for a while.

When we get to the mass homelessness situation, they will then move to build massive high-rise tenements to give people free rent if they agree to get all of their vaxxes. It will be a package deal with the credits system.

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